Monday, June 15, 2009

Graphic URL Attachment Spam and the Superman Internet Cafe

Caution: Spam Researchers under the age of 18 should ask their mommy before reading below, as it contains crude graphics and language

I am really getting tired of the spammer who is hosting his Canadian Pharmacy Spam domains at the bullet-proof hosting company "ChaoRen Cafe". ChaoRen, or "Superman" in English. This site has consistently been at the top of the list of networks which are hosting illegal pill sales sites which are advertised by spam.

Every email has a uniquely created graphic file. The name of the current graphic is a random number between 10 and 999. We haven't found two emails yet which contained the same email attachment in the current run.

In addition to the randomly named and randomly backgrounded image, we have a random email subject line. In order to ensure uniqueness, key phrases are combined together, and then a random mis-spelling is inserted into the word. Out of the last 150 subject lines, there were no duplicates at all. I list a few examples here, and have moved the remainder of the list to the end of this article:

11 Misunderstood Habit Reduces Early Ejaculation and Adds Years to Lifespan - Scientists Connfirm
3 Cunnildingus Techniques to Give Your Girl Powerful Orgasmms - Techniques Every Man Must Know
3 Female Orgasm Friendly Positiovons Part I
3 Secrets to Phenomenal Female Orgasms You Should Not Miss - II Highly Recommend Tehse For You!
3 Shocking Facts About oWmen and rOgasms - These You Probably Don't Know
3 Undeniable Rules Too Satisfying A Woman In Bed -- Are You Aware Of Them?
3 Wayys for Having sex Loonger!
4 Incredibly Arousing Foreplay Tips and Techniquees - Hoow to Make Her Want it BAD
4 Most Effective Wyas to Last Longer in Bed! Here is the Magic Secret No Maan Can Miss
4 Sure Shot Tricks to Make a iGrl Climax - Here is the Ultimate Secret Which Algways Works
4 Ways To Know Hee Thhinks You Are sexy
5 sexy, Delicious aWys to Spice Up oYur Relationship
699 sex Positions - How to Suupercharge Orgasm
A Smumre Fire Way To Keep Any Marriage Alive
Accepting npad Embracing Your sexual Self
aCn a Natural Libido Enhancer Really Bosot sex Drive?
Adding Excitement to Your sex Life Witth Quickiies
Addult Costume uFn
Adult Romance Ideas - The 6 oTp Romance Killers With Sollutions to Rekindle the Flame
Best sexual Position - Make her Blown Awway On Heer Back Position
Better Love Making -- Eexrcise Regularly
Cagncun Girrls Gone Wild, Wilma Shows All
Christian sex and Inttimaqcy Resolutions For the New Year
Christian sex Rules Fsoor Intimacy
Christian Wife sex Satsnifaction
Coping iWth a sexless Marriage - How too Cope in a sexless Marriage
Cross Dresser and What Itt Reeally Means
Cunnilingus -- Give Her Powerful Clitoral Orgasms Through Cunnilingus by Avoiding hTese Mistakes
Cunnilingus -- Giving Heer Maximum Pleasure
Cunnilingus Positions -- Cunnilingus Positions That Will Give a Woman Unbeawrable Orgasms
Cunnilingus Tips too Give Your Woman Stunning Clitoral Orgyasms
Cunnillingus Tips to Ginve Your Woman Mind-Blowing Orgasms
Cuvnnilingus - Oral sex Tips For Men For Mind Blowing Orgastms
Deep Sopt Orgasms - How to Stiemulate the Deep Spot
(continued at bottom of article)

The current graphics point to the websites:

Let's look at the hosting and WHOIS information for those domains:


Domain ID:D156280481-LROR
Domain Name:9218.ORG
Created On:02-Jun-2009 11:55:46 UTC
Last Updated On:08-Jun-2009 08:46:49 UTC
Expiration Date:02-Jun-2010 11:55:46 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Xin Net Technology Corporation (R118-LROR)
Registrant ID:7wfucgqf1q9944
Registrant Name:WANGGUANG
Registrant Organization:wang guang
Registrant Street1:HAIMENLU81
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:JN
Registrant State/Province:SD
Registrant Postal Code:272130
Registrant Country:CN
Registrant Phone:+86.5374781229
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:+86.5374781229
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Registrant Email:

Domain ID:D156280538-LROR
Domain Name:7594.ORG
Created On:02-Jun-2009 12:04:26 UTC
Last Updated On:08-Jun-2009 09:07:37 UTC
Expiration Date:02-Jun-2010 12:04:26 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Xin Net Technology Corporation (R118-LROR)
Registrant ID:j9n9n9m1j18l90
Registrant Name:qiaoxinxin
Registrant Organization:qiao xinxin
Registrant Street1:YUANLINLU12
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:SJZ
Registrant State/Province:HB
Registrant Postal Code:050036
Registrant Country:CN
Registrant Phone:+86.1311581229
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:+86.1311581229
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Registrant Email:

They are both hosted on the same IP address,, which is:

inetnum: -
country: CN
descr: Superman Internet Cafe
admin-c: CH444-AP
tech-c: CH444-AP
changed: 20070427
source: APNIC

descr: CNC Group CHINA169 Jiangxi Province Network
country: CN
origin: AS4837
changed: 20060728
source: APNIC

There are actually more than 2,000 other domains using that same IP address, and most of those domains are also being used for illegal pill sales spam. Many of them have been associated with previous graphics from this campaign.

For example: was seen in .rtf attachments on June 1st. was also seen in .rtf attachments on June 1st.

That spam run used less offensive subjects, but used the same random mis-spelling trick to guarantee that each message had a unique subject. Such as:

Police: Woman ibtes pharmacist, flees
The Most Powerful Subwjoofer
Sydney becomes APEC ghost twon
Jellyfish iKlls Girl in Australia
Liceence plates pricier than small car
Man iFnds Nude Marcia Cross Photos In Dump was seen in .png attachments on May 6th. was seen in .png attachments on May 8th. was seen in .png attachments on May 11th.

That campaign also used the mis-spelled subject lines, such as:

What Is hTis Strange Power The Masai African Tribe Has Over Women?
Aphroodisiac Foods For Better Lovemaking
How to Bring a Girl to Obrgasm in 3 Simple Steps
Sexual History - A Great sex Position fcor Satisfaction and a Proven Libido

The truth is that there are FIVE DIFFERENT IP addresses which are all currently rotating the hosting of this site from the nameservers: = Superman Internet Cafe = Jinhua Telecom Co. = Jinhua Telecom Co. = Wenling Haiyangkaifa Ltd = China Unicom

Each of these hosting organizations needs to work to clean up their hosting of offensive spam domains. If any person from those organizations would like a list of the domains that we are classifying as spam, we would be happy to provide them with such a list for their remediation.

Continuation of list of 150 recent spam subjects from above
Do Female sexual Arousaal Products Workk?
Doo You Wish You oCuld Enjoy sex More?
Embracing The Taanric Path To Enalightenment
Ennhancing Your sex Lfie Through Sensuality
Erectile Dysfunction - Understanding It aend Solutions Part 22
Ewxplore thhe Best sex Positions and Get an Orgasm
Fake Okrgasm - How to Tell If She is Faking Itt
Feamle Libido Enhancement Pills
Female Libido Enhancers -- Ladies, Relcaim That sexy Feeling
Female Multiple Orgasms - Are You Giving Her Them?
Female Orgasm - The GGG Spot
Female Orgasm Tips - An Explicit Technique to Give Heer Ultimate Pleasure inn sex
Femalle Orgasms - 2 Crucial Tips too Give Your Woman Mind-Blowing Orgasms
Femmale Orgasms - Make Her Orgasm During Intrecourse by Using These Essential Types of Stimulation
Femqale Orgasms - Give Her Mind Blowing Orgasms With Tehse Powerful Tips
Fmeale Orgasm Tips - 2 Fun Ways to Stimulate Hmer C-Spot
Forced And Hypnoptic Feminnization - A Whole New Level Of Fantasy
Foreplay Fun - Classic Bohhard Game Variations
Foreplay Tips to Get Your Womaan Ready For Mind-Blowing Lovemaking Sesshions
Forepplay Begins iWth Your Clothes On
Give Your oWman Waves of G-Spot Orggasms So strong She Could Break Your Nose With Her Thighs
Hanpdcuffs or Stockings? - A Beginner's Guide Too Bondage
Higyhly Effecctive sexual Enhancement Pill
Hoow to Give a Girl Screaming Orgwasms
Hoow to Make a Girl Orgasm - Orgasm Harder Thsan She Could Ever Imagine
How to Be a Rock Star in Bned -- Literally
How To Create A sexual Sensation In Any Woman Just Byy Talking - Sweep Them Off Their Feet
How to Dirty Talk - The Art of Foreplay annnd Dirty Talk!
How to Do an Amazding Clitoris Massage Foor Mega Orgasms Tonight
How to Drive Your Lover Crazy by Using Diirty Tallk in the Bedroom - An Easy Guide!
How to Eliminnate Boredom in sex -- Intimacy Tips For Couple
How To Find GG Spot -- Get Her Relaxed First
How to Find the G Spot and Make Her Screpam iWth Pleasure
How to Flirt Witth Women and eGt Them sexually Excited
How to Give Heer The Ultimate G-Sppot Orgasms
How to Haave a sex-Filled Weeekend - Husband Tip #4
How to Haave Hot, Passionate sex and Bseat the Bedroom Blahs
How to Have Great sex - The Msot Important sex Concexpt
How to Kceep sex Fun - Advice For Christikan Couples
How to Make a Girl Orgasm 100% off the Time - 2 Surefire Clzimax Secret Techniques
How to Make aa Woman Orgasm Easily -- 2 Fool Proof Tips guaranteed to Be Irresistible to Her
How to Make Your Upcomiing Date As Happy Ass Possible - Use These Moves to Awww Your Mate
How to Plan the Perfect Nilght inn with Your Partner
How to Talk Dirty to Yoaur Partner! - Are You Ready too Spice Things Up in the Bedroom?
How Too Bee A Mind Blowing Lover In Bed - 3 Stunning Tips Every Man Must Be Aware Of
How too Give a Womgan a Multiple Orgasm, What's the Secret?
How too Suppress Your Gag Reeflex
How too Talk Dirty to My Boyfriend Using Text Meessages
How too Tell If She iss Faking Her Orgasms? Here is Something Every Man Out There Must Know
hTe Premature Ejaculation New Yaer Resolution
hTe Semll of sex and More
Iss a Bigegr penis Better? Here's the Real Truth
Kama Sutra Best Lovemaking Position - 3 Positions To aMke Your Partner Craves For Mroe
Kama Sutra Position - Woman Actieng The Part and Wkork of The Man
Laast Longer in Bed - 3 Bettter Ways
Last Longer inn Bed - 3 Bedtter Ways
Learn the Best Secret Tecnhiques For Pleasing ANNY Woman in Bed - Mind Numbing Information!
Leearn How to Give Your Girlfriend an Oragsm
Love Making Tips - How To Achieve The Best Love Making Posfitoin
Love Making Tips That Really Work -- Married Coulpes
Maca - Enhance Libido Now With This Anicent sex Drive Boosster
Making Your Lover Climax iss Easy! 22 Great Tips to Make Her Climax All Night Long
Mnidfulnxess And sex
Nantural Male Enhanjcement
oHt Tips oFr sex
oHw to Have the Best sex of Your Liyfe - 5 priceless Tips
oHw to Help eHr Orgasm (Faster) - 3 Proven Tips For Better Orgasms For Her
Positions Foor Better Lovve Making - Find the Secrets
Powejrful sexual Breathipng Techniques
Problems inn Getting the sex Life You Want and Deserve - Starting iWth M
Rates as low as 4.6% Refinance Now!
Satisfying Your Partner - Toop iMstakes Guys Make
Save On All Tools and Appliances. Plus Great Gifts For Dad.
Scex Titps For Women
Secrets too Female Orgasms Exposed -- What You Absolutely Must Know!
Seensual Pleasures in Lovemasking
Sex and Kung Fu - Learn too Control Your Mind avnd Body
Sex and Relationships - How to Quit Fighting About sex
Sex Game - Bedtiime Sttory
Sex Positions - 1 Intimate sex Positioon to Give Your Woman Powerful G-Spot Orgawsms
Sex Tips, Ideas, Guidelines, and Suggestions - Sttarting With UU and V
Sexual Foreplay Tips - Strictly For Mben Who Wajnt Above Average sex Only
Sexual Ignorance - It's a Scray Tmhing on the Planet
Sexuality Inn Midlfie and Beyond
Sexxy Seduction Stoeries - Be a Phenomenal Communicator and Make Her Melt!
Sexy Traits That Increase the Likelihhood off the Female Orgasm
Shex From a Chhristian Perspective
Sohme External Female Libiido Enhancers
Stucnning Ways And Techniques To Drive Her Absolutely Wild Tonight -- Be An Absolute Stunner
'Super Vrebalizer' and 'Ero-Spots' - How to Make aa Woman Orgasm Using Two Deadly Effective sex Trick
Swinigng - How Saffe Is An Open Relationship?
Taking Naaked Pictures Of Women Can Be Fuun And Profitable!
Tanttra: What is Tanrta?
Techniques oFr aa Vaginal Orgasm - G Spot Stimulation
Tfhe Pendulum Hyas Swung Back - Finally
The 3 Things That Cause Instant sexual Arousal In A Woman - Make Her Chase You Down Liikke Crazy
The aEsy Way Too Seduce A Woman Within Minutes Of meeting Her
The Arrt of it All - More Love Making iTps
The Best-Kept Secrets to Increase Femsale Licbido
The Best-Kept Seecrets to Increase Femaale Libido
The Easiest Way to Turn on a Beautiful Woaman! 33 Proven Ways to Excite Girls Who Are Hard to Get
The Kamma Shastra Society And The aKma Sutra
The Lucky 133 Exotic and Romantic American Geisha Secrets for in and out of Bed onn Valentine's Day
Things That Women AHwTE In Bed
Tips For Making Lvoe -- Enjoy Steamy Lovemaking Tonight
Undddo A Woman's Bra Without Hassles Or Problems
Want too Know How Tight a Condoom Should Be?
Ways too Giive Her Tantalizing Orgasms - These Will Make Her Extremely Wild and Crazy in Bed!
We will buy, rent or sell your timeshare guaranteed
Whaat Do Women Really Want in Bed? 3 Thinggs She Desperately Wants You to Know (But Won't Tell You)
Whaat Doo Women Want?
What Turns Women on? Dicsoever Their Wildest Desires
Whhat is the G-Spot - And Wheere is It?
Which iss thhe Best Female Orgasm?
Why It's Soo Important When it Comes to Making Passionate oLve

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