Monday, January 18, 2010

Sendspace Zbot spreader a Flashback to Dec 15-20

From December 15th to December 20th, the top Zbot or "Zeus" trojan spreader was a spam email campaign which claimed to have news about a photo that may depict the recipient. The "photo" was actually called "photo.exe" and the website from which it was to be downloaded was intended to look like "", a popular file sharing service.

Beginning early in the morning of January 16th, the UAB Spam Data Mine began to notice that the Sendspace version of Zeus may be making a return. On January 16th, we received six copies of the spam, nearly identical to those received December 15-20. They came between 6:15 and 8:30 AM, and then stopped.

The spam messages ask a variation of question such as:

Hey! Is this photo yours?

Subject such as:
Fw:your photo
Re:your photo

and provide a link supposedly to a "sendspace" page for you to see the photo.

On January 17th, we saw another burst, beginning shortly after 8:00 AM, and ending about 10:15 AM, with 90 messages being received.

Then at 11:15 PM on January 17th the real campaign began, and has been flowing steadily ever since, although the spam is definitely on a rising trend - we've seen just over 700 copies today so far.

The URLs we've seen in the spam are these:

Note the two pairs of typos? Some ".compl" instead of "" and some "sendspacecom" instead of "" and the "wwwsendspace" instead of "www.sendspace". Those are the reasons bad guys do test runs such as we saw on the 16th and 17th. They need to get their bugs worked out.

The webpage looks like this:

While they are at it, perhaps they'll remember to update their malware as well. The version being distributed in this campaign is the same version that was being distributed when the campaign ended on December 20th, which means that 34 out of 41 anti-virus products can detect it, according to this Virus Total Report.

The websites have a secondary infector. An IFRAME in the code calls a malicious website from "". Last go-around it was pulling a file from the "/2img/" subdirectory there. This time around its pulling a file from "/3img/in.php", which when loaded causes "pdf.pdf" to be dropped on the machine, which leads to a Fake Anti-Virus product being installed within a few minutes.

The Zeus bot uses "" as its Command & Control - just as it has since December 9th.

The computers hosting the "sendspace" version of this webpage are also hosting the "USAA" version that we discussed in yesterday's article - USAA Bank Latest Avalanche Scam.

If you want to see the December version websites, they are listed below:

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