Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New Job!

Just wanted to let my loyal readers (yes, both of you!) know that I have taken a new position.

I am now the Director of Research in Computer Forensics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. This newly created position is a partnership between the Computer & Information Sciences Department chaired by Dr. Anthony Skjellumand the Department of Justice Sciences chaired by Dr. John Sloan.

Our partnership was the cover article in a recent edition of UAB's magazine. The article, called Bugs in the System, discussed how CIS and JS were working together to create Alabama's first graduate certificate in Computer Forensics. The problem that we are facing is that CyberCrime professionals are either Justice Science majors, with a background in law enforcement but very little computer training, or Computer Science professionals, with a background in technology, but very little knowledge of law enforcement and legal practice. The new certification will be producing graduates who have a combination of knowledge in these areas BEFORE they enter the workforce.

My position, as Director of Research, will be seeking to develop new techniques, tools, and technologies for those who practice CyberCrime investigation, in the legal system, in traditional security companies, and in corporate and government security.


  1. Congrats, Gar! - well deserved.

  2. Congratulations on the new post. You might also be interested in the Digital Forensics Association, which has goals of providing educational and networking opportunities for people with an interest in digital forensics at the local level. The website is www.digitalforensicsassociation.org


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