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Los Angeles: Stories of the BEC Victims (part 2)

In my last blog post, Los Angeles Court charges 80 Nigerians with BEC and Romance Scam Crimes, we laid out the background of a major BEC investigation and telling the stories of six victims, but the court documents shared the details from thirty cases.

Footage from CBS Los Angeles of the arrests
In our previous post about this Los Angeles-based BEC Fraud Ring, we shared that the primary defendants, Valentine IRO and Chukwudi IGBOKWE had their phones seized in a search warrant.  The forensics evidence from their phones helped to identify their army of co-defendants who ran the scams using bank accounts established by IRO and IGBOKWE to launder the money.

Victim Company 3 - December 2016 BEC Fraud 

VC3 is a small landscaping services company in Oklahoma.  On 19DEC2016, they wired $18,457.13 from their Chase bank account to a US Bank account (2982). They received an email with wiring instructions for purchasing some equipment.  The next day, a fraudster sent NEW wiring instructions, claiming to be a correction to the previous day's communications.  The receiving US Bank account had a balance of -$408.51 when the transfer arrived.  Two ATM withdrawals were made the following day for $300 and $500, and a cash withdrawal of $8,500 was made from a teller at a bank branch the same day.  On December 27, 2016, US Bank sent the remaining funds back to the originating Chase bank account after the fraud was discovered.

In chats between MANSBANGURA and IGBOKWE the two reviewed which of their receiving accounts were "strong" and which were "under review."  The US Bank account was discussed, with IGBOKWE saying "Pls do not used XXX's us bank for any transaction. If u put money there It will get stuck. Never come out ... There is a restriction on d account."

The same US Bank account (2982) was also provided to several other romance scammers and BEC co-conspirators between November 21, 2016 and March 1, 2017.

Personal Victim B.Z. - Elder Fraud Victim

B.Z. is an 86-year old man with dementia and Alzheimer's who was repeatedly a victim of financial scams.  His son met with the FBI and explained the range of scams he had fallen for.  In 2013, his father joined a dating site and was scammed by a 37-year old Ghanaian woman who convinced him to invest $100,000 to purchase an apartment complex.  Later the woman was kidnapped and shot at the airport as she was bringing him a gold bar to repay him.  The man insisted on flying to Ghana to help her, but the family intervened.  In the current scam, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake and US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had let him know he was about to receive $107 Million.  He sent $11,900 to a Chase account (7605) that belonged to "T and F Enterprises."

March 14, 2017 - ONUWA told IGBOKWE that he wanted to use the Chase 7605 account for this scam.  He replied "OK"
March 16, 2017 - B.Z. transfers $11,900 from his Chemical Bank account in Michigan to the Chase 7605 account.
March 16, 2017 - ONUWA sends a photo of the application and agreement for wire transfer to IGBOKWE.
March 22, 2017 - ONUWA and IGBOKWE discuss how defendants IGBOKWE and MANSBANGURA would withdraw the funds from B.Z.'s wire transfer.
March 24, 2017 - IGBOKWE tells ONUWA the funds are "out" and ONUWA provides IGBOKWE his Nigerian bank account number.
March 27, 2017 - MANSBANGURA cashes a check for $4,000 from the Chase (7605) account. Memo: Rent
April 4, 2017 - IGBOKWE provides ONUWA his Nigerian bank account number with instructions to pay 3,123,000 naira (about $8500 current value).
April 6, 2017 - IGBOKWE provides ONUWA's name and Nigerian bank account number to IRO, with the request to pay 1,000,000 naira to the account (from IGBOKWE's telephone number: +1.213.425.8827).
April 6, 2017 - IRO provides ONUWA's name and Nigerian bank account to another unindicted co-conspirator with directions to pay the 1,000,000 naira.

Victim Company 4  - March 2017 BEC Fraud

Victim Company 4 was a dry food products company in Michigan that imports grains for resale.  Employees of VC4 believed they were communicating with another Michigan Company, when in fact they were communicating with fraudsters who had hacked Michigan Company's email accounts, implementing forwarding rules that caused their emails to be sent to the fraudsters.  FBI agents interviewed personnel at both companies and learned that on March 29, 2017, VC4 was tricked into wiring $29,679.17 to a Wells Fargo bank account (7245) believing it was the Michigan Company, when in fact it was a company opened in Whittier, California, under the name "Danisha Beauty Sales" on January 5, 2017.

The day the wire was made, the starting balance on Wells (7245) was $3.60.  After the funds arrived, they were used to make a $1,419.73 purchase at a Best Buy in Hawthorne, California, and a $300 cash withdrawal.  On March 31, 2017, the Wells (7245) account received an additional wire of $27,464.89, this time from a South American tour company (likely also a BEC victim).  Two checks were paid out from the account that day.

March 21, 2017 - VC4 receives fake email requesting $29,679.17 payment.
March 22, 2017 - $29,679.17 - VC4 wired to Wells (7245) from a BBVA account in Colombia  belonging to VC4.
March 22, 2017 - Best Buy shopping ($1,419)
March 27, 2017 - IGBOKWE sends to UMEJESI the Wells (7245) account info with text "Prefer make u use this one becaue the money wey dey enter too much)
March 29, 2017 - IGBOKWE sends UMEJESI a screenshit of the VC4 Wire Transfer confirmation.

March 29, 2017 - IGBOKWE sends the wire receipt to UMEJESI.  UMEJESI forwards it to IRO's Samsung phone.  IRO replies "Who gave you this slip.  Tell me his name."  UMEJESI replies "Kudon" (a nickname for IGBOKWE). "Because I gave him this ulo ako 4months ago and I'm surprised him sending me this."  IRO then reaches out to UMEJESI.  He responds "Mine is 29175 and 26." Apparently there was confusion over which scammers were to be using this account.

March 31, 2017 - $27,464.89 - SouthAmericanTourCo wired to Wells (7245)
March 31, 2017 - $11,160 check to UMEJESI 
March 31, 2017 - $16,520 check to OJIMBA (Ojimba Collins) 
(those checks deposited by the defendants into two separate Chase bank accounts -- (Chase 7290) and (Chase 1767) both in Inglewood, California.  UMEJESI sent IGBOKWE the userid and password information for the account holder's Wells (7245) account.  The account owner, a female, was walked into the bank by UMEJESI according to the text messages between UMEJESI and IGBOKWE. IGBOKWE later texts the Chase deposit slips to UMEJESI.)
April 1, 2017 - $4,000 cash withdrawn
April 1, 2017 - IGBOKWE sends messages to UMEJESI explaining the breakdown of funds -- "Our money is 11,840. There own money is 17,760.  $29,600 * 40% = 11,840" -- indicating that they were receiving a 40% commission for doing the money laundering on someone else's BEC scam.
April 20, 2017 - Wells Fargo seizes the remaining $23,531

Victim Company 5 - April and June 2017 

This Victim Company had someone attempt to steal their entire corporate coffers!  At IRO's direction, a fraudulent company was opened in the name of VC5 with papers filed in Los Angeles County to create the corporation.  Those papers were then used to set up a Chase bank account.

Feb 17, 2017 - IRO tells IGBOKWE to have MANSBANGURA take one of her mules to open a bank account in the name of VC5.
Feb 22, 2017 - MANSBANGURA causes her mule to open the account (Chase 5027).
March 20, 2017 - IGBOKWE sends IRO the account information, with account and routing number.
March 27, 2017 - IRO provides the account details to OGUNGBE in request for "an aza for 3m$ from Philippines today".  (An "aza" is Nigerian slang for a bank account - he needs an account that could credibly receive $3M, and IRO provides this one.) 
April 4, 2017 - Wells receives a counterfeit letter "from" VC5, notarized and with the forged signature of VC5's CEO, requesting that his Wells Fargo account be closed and all funds transfered to  (Chase 5027) -- a balance of $17,300,844.58! 
April 4, 2017 - a caller to Wells, pretending to be from VC5 asks them to confirm receipt and closure of the account
June 5, 2017 - Wells Fargo receives via US Mail a second letter, again requesting that the Wells account of VC5 be closed and that all funds be sent to (Chase 5027) -- a balance of $12,760,922.93!

Both of those account takeovers failed because they were detected by bank rules.

Personal Victim A.V. - April and May 2017 Elder Fraud Victim

A.V., an 87-year old woman whose property is now under guardianship by the county Department of Health and Human Services, lost $555,013.26 to fraud in less than a year, and at least $75,000 prior to that.  Related to the current charges, A.V. sent two wires of $8,035 to Wells (1147) and two wires of $6,060 to Chase (5027).  On interview, A.V. said she had sent the Chase wires from her Capital One account to assist her first cousin who had gotten married and moved to Thailand.

IGBOKWE and CHILAKA were involved in these scams.

April 10, 2017 - IGBOKWE and CHILAKA discuss funds they are anticipating will be deposited into Wells (1147).
April 11, 2017 - A.V. wires $8,035 from her Capital One account in Maryland to Wells (1147).
April 11, 2017 - CHILAKA sends IGBOKWE a copy of the wire transfer requests.
April 17, 2017 - IGBOKWE sends CHILAKA info for a Bank of America account (3037) after being asked "Give another without Nija name".  CHILAKA then asks "Can this be used f Ali?" --  ("Ali" is the term that the Nigerian scammers use when referring to BEC scams.) .  IGBOKWE replies "No." and then "If u need aza for Ali let me know."  ("aza for Ali" would mean "a bank account to be used in BEC wire transfers.)
April 27, 2017 - A.V. wires $2,700 from her Capital One account to Chase (5027).
May 8, 2017 - IGBOKWE and MANSBANGURA are discussing the A.V. fraud and mention "we cannot use that account for any transactions from Capital One anymore." MANSBANGURA says "Chase said they will force the money back to sender. Once it posted, Chase put a hard hold on it because they want to make sure it is NOT A FRAUD money."  MANSBANGURA told IGBOKWE "No more Capital one transactions to Chase."
June 2, 2017 - CHILAKA sends IGBOKWE a voicemail from A.V. "for Mr. Davis" explaining that she has instructed her Chase banker to release the $3,360 wire. 
June 2, 2017 - IGBOKWE sends CHILAKA an audio recording of MANSBANGURA calling Chase Bank asking about the status of the wire.

Personal Victims Je.F. and Jo.F. - April 2017 Escrow Fraud

The "F Family" lived in Illinois and were purchasing land in Texas.  As they were discussing how to fund the purchase, it is clear that fraudsters were intercepting their emails and injecting themselves into the conversations.  In particular, the F Family received emails that used the same email userid as the escrow company's email, but used the domain "mail.com" instead.  The same fraudsters were also sending email TO the escrow company, imitating the "F Family"'s real gmail account, using a slightly different gmail address.

April 9, 2017 - Je.F. receives instructions to wie funds to a Chase (6217) account opened by a money mule in Los Angeles.  EKECHUKWU managed this mule, who opened the account at the request of IRO.  A nearly identical account had been previously opened by CATHEY at the request of IRO in the state of Georgia earlier in April 2017.)
April 17, 2017 - Je.F. sends $135,800.72 from their BMO Harris Bank account in Illinois to the Chase (6217), believing they are paying for the Texas real estate and closing costs.
April 18, 2017 - EKECHUKWU asked IRO "anything coming in the warehouse?"  ("Warehouse" was one of the code words the crew used to refer to a bank account that should be receiving funds from one of their scams.) IRO gives the details for Chase (6217) saying "Check this. Something is inside" the following day.
April 19-20, 2017 - IRO discusses the F Family fraud with ANOZIE and AZUBUIKE.
April 19, 2017 - IRO complained to EKECHUKWU that Chase called the account holder wanting the money back.

We still have 18 more BEC Victim and Romance Scam Victim stories JUST FROM THIS CASE, so we'll continue this blog, probably in three more parts.  

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Los Angeles Court charges 80 Nigerians with BEC and Romance Scam Crimes

Bank of America, BBVA Compass, CalCom FCU, Capital One, Citibank, Citizens Bank, Comerica, Chase Bank, PNC Bank, Regions Bank, SunTrust, TD Bank, US Bank, and Wells Fargo Bank were among the financial institutions who were scammed by the 80 Nigerian criminals named in a Los Angeles indictment unsealed this week.  In this blog post, we'll introduce the case and share the first six of thirty victim stories that we'll continue over the next several posts.

FBI Los Angeles Technology Enabled Crime Task Force
In a press conference on August 22, 2019, the FBI Los Angeles Technology Enabled Crime Task Force shared a poster of the 16 Los Angeles residents charged in the case, 14 of which have already been captured.  Others residing in the US named in the case included residents of Houston, Texas, Orlando, Florida, Sacramento, California, Boston, Massachusetts, and Atlanta, Georgia.

According to the indictment, between October 7, 2014 through May 2, 2018 the 26 criminals charged in Los Angeles participated in mail fraud, bank fraud, and wire fraud by "transporting, transmitting, and transfering funds from place in the United States to a place outside the United States,"  "conducting and attempting to conduct, financial transactions, affecting interstate and foreign commerce," and ... "knowing that the property involved in the financial activity represented the proceeds of unlawful activity, and knowing the transactions were designed in whole and in part to conceal and disguise the nature, location, source, ownership, and control of the proceeds." They are also charged with "engaging and attempting to engage in monetary transactions involving criminally derived property of a value greater than $10,000, affecting interstate and foreign commerce."

Title 18 Section 1343 (wire fraud)
Title 18 Section 1341 (mail fraud)
Title 18 Section 1344(2) (bank fraud)

There are SO MANY STORIES to be told out of this indictment and the corresponding criminal complaint that it might take several days to get through them all.  The criminal complaint shares the details of thirty separate scams that are all connected, primarily via the two primary defendants, Valentine IRO and Chukwudi IGBOKWE.  Because of that, let's start with their first formal encounter with Law Enforcement on this case.

The July 19, 2017 Search Warrant (IRO, IGBOKWE, EROHA)

On July 19, 2017, the FBI served a search warrant at the residence of Valentine IRO's apartment. Having received no answer to their repeated loud knocking, they opened the door with a key provided by the landlord.  The reason no one was answering the door was because the residents were busy trying to destroy evidence.  Chukwudi IGBOKWE slid one window open and threw two phones (a gold iPhone 7 Plus (+1.323.509.0012) and a silver/white Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (+1.213.425.8827)) as far as he could, landing on the curb of the driveway to the apartment.  Meanwhile Chuks EROHA was throwing another cell phone (a black iPhone 7 Plus, +1.310.406.9386) into the yard of a neighboring property through another window.  While they were throwing phones out windows, someone else was trying to destroy a gold Samsung Galaxy (+1.424.2887.9250), which was found hidden under IRO's bed, bent nearly in half with a shattered screen, and damaged circuit boards and battery.  Other phones (a blue Samsung, +1.424.368.0611 and a sliver iPhone 6S Plus (+1.310.626.7033 / WhatsApp +234.816.165.6787) and tablet computers were also found in the search.

During the ensuing interview, IRO admitted to using the email accounts "enterpriseiro@gmail.com" and "valentino_q2000@yahoo.com" as well as controlling the bank accounts of the fraudulent companies "VOI Enterprises" at Chase Bank and "Irva Auto Sales" at Wells Fargo.  He claimed to have broken the phone after a fight with his wife, who he said was angry about him video-chatting with another woman.  This was one of several provable lies in the interviews. Data from IRO's broken phone was forensically recovered by the FBI Laboratory in Quantico, Virginia, which must have been quite a challenge, but was successfully accomplished!  The phone was used to receive messages 38 seconds and 39 seconds after the FBI hit the front door, which proves he had not destroyed it the previous day, as claimed.   EROHA also swore he had not thrown any phones.  IGBOKWE claimed he did not know anything about the fraud but that he did help his "wife", Tityaye MANSBANGURA, with her business of buying and selling cars.

(IRO was previously interviewed by the FBI on October 26, 2016 and November 23, 2016 about a wire transfer of $100,083.45 that was sent by a German victim company to his Chase VOI Enterprises account.)

A key finding in the phone reviews was that these guys NEVER DELETE DATA!  Three phones retrieved in the search warrant in contained Facebook Messenger messages dating back to March 2014, April 2012, and even 2010!  WhatsApp messages on one phone were as old as July 2015.


 UMEJESI, CATHEY, MANSBANGURA, AJAEZE, EKECHUKWU, OJIMBA, ISAMADE, and P. DURU, played roles in "opening or causing to be opened" new bank accounts.

 To do so, they would first file a "false and fraudulent Fictitious Business Name Statement" with the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder at the County Clerk's Office.

The list of 80 charged individuals is at the end of this post, but for now, let's jump straight to some of the stories of Business Email Compromise and Romance Scams that brought together this international gang of thieves.

Victim Company 1 - September 2014

A San Diego County distributor of clothes was communicating with a Chinese vendor about an order of men's shirts.  By hacking an email account at one of the companies, a fraudster implemented mail rules to block the real emails and injected himself into the middle of the communications.  The scammer caused the payment account for an invoice to be changed, resulting in a wire of $45,783.97 going to an HSBC Bank account (6100) controlled by scammers.

IRO (valentino_q2000@yahoo.com) and ONWUASOANYA (samuelnnamdi@rocketmail.com) communicated via Yahoo instant messenger about their roles in the chat, including sending a "cut and paste" email Onwuasoanya could use to forward to the victim company.

Personal Romance Scam Victim #1: M.S. 

M.S. a 61-year old woman in Monterey Park, California fell victim to a Romance scam on Facebook.  In May 2015, she met "Dennis Hunt" (his Facebook name) who claimed to live in London and work in real estate construction.  He communicated with M.S. via Facebook messenger and two +44 (UK) telephone numbers.  M.S. loaned "Dennis Hunt" money for a new project, which totaled $111,200.  $91,200 was sent to IRO's Chase account in the name "VOI Enterprises" which attempted to disguise the money by claiming to be dealing in used automobiles.

 Sep 3, 2015: OI ENTERPRISES acccount opened: Chase 9837
 Sep 3, 2015: $23,000 sent from MS BOA Account to IRO's Chase 9837
 Sep 4: 2015: $14,000 withdrawn from Chase 9837 memo "for Lexus RX330 and RX300"
 Sep 4, 2015: $1500 sent to relative from Chase 9837 memo "2002 Nissan Optima"
 Sep 8, 2015: $46,500 sent from MS BOA account to Chase 9837 account
 Sep 8, 2015: $8,000 withdrawn from Chase 9837 memo "Mercedes 2011 and Lexis RX 350 2008"
 Sep 10, 2015: $30,000 withdrawn from Chase 9837 memo "for Acura MDX 2007"
 Sep 10, 2015: $9,000 withdrawn from Chase 9837
 Sep 10, 2015: $4,700 sent from MS BOA Account to IRO's Chase 9837
 Sep 11, 2015: $7,700 check sent from Chase 9837 to a friend memo "Camry 207 and Camry 05"
 Sep 14, 2015: IRO sends OGBANNA instructions to have MS wire a payment "Invoice number: VOI00462 R MODEL 89"
 Sep 14, 2015: $17,000 sent from MS BOA to Chase 9837 memo "Invoice number: VOI 00462 R MODEL 89"
 Sep 17, 2015: $10,000 withdrawn from Chase 9837
 Sep 17, 2015: $20,000 withdrawn from Chase 9837
 Sep 17, 2015: $5,000 withdrawn from Chase 9837

 Victim Company 2 - February 2016 BEC Fraud

A company in Texas was tricked into sending $186,686 from its account at UBA to IRO's Chase VOI Enterprises account.  The company had ordered some oil extraction equipment and was sent bank account information as to where to send the funds.  A few hours later, the Texas company received new communications, indicating the previous banking details were incorrect and providing new account information.  (The new email's headers reveal they were sent from Nigerian IP addresses.)

 Feb 12, 2016 $186,686 from United Bank of Africa account to IRO's Chase 9837 Account
Feb 16, 2016 $132,950 wired from that account to Wells Fargo "Irva Auto Sales Account" memo "Mack Rd Model 2010 X"
Feb 16, 2016 $50,000 send from Wells Irva Auto to BOA account 1824 "Bernards International"
Feb 18, 2016 IRO withdrew $50,000 cash from BOA 1824.
Feb 18, 2016 IRO wires $30,500 to Chase 1279.
Feb 16, 2016 $28,670 wired to CalCom FCU account 3017 memo "Menhien Auction on Wednesday"

(The Texas company recovered $55,593.18 of that amount, but only after spending $50,000 in legal fees pursuing the matter with Chase.)

Personal Romance Scam Victim 2 - R.B. 

R.B. was a 48 year old woman living in Panama City Beach, Florida who was recently widowed.  She began an online romantic relationship with a doctor in the US Military, stationed in Libya, who was a widower.  He claimed to have a five year old daughter and that his parents were killed in the Twin Towers attacks on 9/11.

R.B. sent three wires from her Wells Fargo account
Mar 31, 2016 - $18,000 to the Comerica account 2663 of IRVA Auto Sales
Apr 4, 2016 - $39,000
Apr 7, 2016 - $30,000

Several cash withdrawals were made from Nashville, Tennessee from the Comerica account.  $55,024.19 of the total amount was frozen by Comerica and returned to R.B., who reports that she considered suicide when learning she ahd been scammed.

IRO discussed his fraud against R.B. using his email enterprisesiro@gmail.com.  AWAK created false invoices to help launder the funds from the Auto Sales account.  ODIONYENMA emailed IRO a photograph of the wire transfer, including R.B.'s transfer request and her Florida driver's license number, address, phone number, and Wells Fargo bank account details.  AWAK also communicated about laundering these funds using the name "HANOI BATTERY JSC" and the email ccs03h@gmail.com.  AWAK also used the name "Kwee Tin Law" with that email address.  He provided invoices for IRO to use, one of which used IRO's residential street address (412 Gina Dr., Carson, California) with the name "IRVA Auto Sales Equipment Broker LLC."

Personal Romance Scam Victim 3 - F.K. 

F.K. was a Japanese woman who became involved in a 10-month online romance scam. She believed she was "dating" Terry Garcia, a US Army captain stationed in Syria.  They met on "InterPals" and communicated almost daily via Garcia's Yahoo email address.  They communicated in English, which F.K. used Google Translate to assist with.  Eventually, Garcia was wounded in Syria, but his friend Collins Coster, a Red Cross employee, had been given a box of diamonds with instructions that Garcia wished them to be sent to F.K.  Owen Blair, the shipping consignment officer, contacted F.K. to arrange the payments for the customs fees for the box of diamonds.  Unfortunately, another fee was required for the diamonds to enter customs in Japan.  Diplomat Romain Kaufman helped her arrange, via gmail, her "diplomatic consignment tax" of $28,750.  F.K. continued to make various payments as the crazy scheme escalated.  She received emails as often as ten to fifteen times per day, and made "35 to 40 payments" which caused her to need to borrow many from friends, her older sister, her ex-husband, and even a bank loan.

F.K. paid:
April 11, 2016 - Western Union of $2000 sent to Turkey for "customs non-inspection fee"
April 11, 2016 - Western Union of $6,200 sent for "final accreditation fee"
late April - bank transfer of $28,750 sent to a bank in Turkey for "diplomatic consignment tax"
May 30, 2016 - Wire of $6,824.00 to Chase account 1577
July 13, 2016 - Wire of $33,128.26 to Chase account 0655

 Not only did she send $200,000 to the scammers, to bank accounts controlled by IGBOKWE and MANSBANGURA, she was also lured to Los Angeles for the purpose of convincing a bank to unfreeze her wire transfer!  She was told that a Russian bank manager in Los Angeles had embezzled the funds.  Defendants ANUNOBI was also involved in arranging some of this scam.
On October 13, 2016, MANSBANGURA took photos of F.K. after meeting her at the airport and sent them to IGBOKWE saying "This is her" and later "I just drop her off. I'm not doing this again."

Personal BEC Victim 4 - J.G. 

J.G. was an attorney from Nevada.  A potential client "Frank Moss" claimed to have a construction company in Omaha, Nebraska, and needed J.G.'s help purchasing some equipment.  Moss said that he didn't want to make the purchase directly and needed the help of a lawyer to make the purchase.  Moss sent a check for $30,750 to J.G., who wired $30,000 to a US Bank account (2669) in the name M&F Enterprise.  Because J.G. had over $100,000 in his account, he didn't wait for the check to clear, which had a hold on it because it appeared to come from a Canadian bank.  Defendants MANSBANGURA and IGBOKWE were in control of the receiving account.

Oct 26, 2016 - $30,000 wired to US Bank 2669.
Oct 27, 2016 - $5,500 from that account paid to MANSBANGURA
Oct 27, 2016 - $7,850 from that account paid to an unindicted co-conspirator
Oct 28, 2016 - $8,845 from that account paid to an unindicted co-conspirator
Oct 31, 2016 - $7,500 from that account paid to MANSBANGURA

IGBOKWE sent several text messages from his iPhone 6S and Samsung phone sharing account details of the US Bank 2669 account to allow others to use it as well.

BEC Criminals Indicted in Los Angeles

In total, 80 individuals were charged.  In the list below, we've indicated those in the United States by placing *asterisks* around their number.  Many of the individuals in the Los Angeles area were brought into the case by exploring the chat logs and emails recovered from the phones on that initial search warrant and "spidering out" from there with additional records checks at Uber, Lyft, Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Instagram.
  • *1*. VALENTINE IRO, aka “Iro Enterprises,” aka “Valentine Obinna Iro ,” aka ” Obinna Iro ,” aka ” Obinna Nassa,” - 424.287.9250 / 412 Gina Drive, Carson, California.
  • *2*. CHUKWUDI CHRI STOGUNUS IGBOKWE, aka ” Christogunus C. Igbokwe,” aka ” Chris Kudon ,” aka “Atete ,” aka “Still Kudon ,”
  • *3*. JERRY ELO IKOGHO , aka “J Man,” +1.323.308.0042 - in Valentine IRO's address book as "J.Man" - Confirmed via T-Mobile records, showing address 17630 Crabapple Way, Carson, CA 90746 - confirmed also by DMV records.  ikoghojerry@gmail.com also was registered to this telephone number, with recovery email ikoghojerry@yahoo.com.  The gmail and telephone were also used for accounts at Facebook, Uber, and Lyft.  Other numbers:  +1.646.651.6077.  Invited IRO to his 4th of July barbecue in 2017.
  • *4*. IZUCHUKWU KINGSLEY UMEJESI, +1.323.209.9682.  In IRO's Samsung address book as "Armenian Man".  In IGBOKWE's iPhone address book as "Kingsley LA".  In EROHA's phone as "Izuking Aka Aku."  Financial records give his address as 2319 W. Florence Ave, Los Angeles, CA.  Records tied to that number list his birthday, driver's license, and Nigerian passport number.  He also filed a police report using that name, telephone, and address after his Dodge Charger was broken into.  The number was also used by Uber, Lyft, Yahoo, and Facebook accounts.
  • *5*. ADEGOKE MOSES OGUNGBE.   IRO's Samsug gives +1.310.756.5633 as P&P Motors.  IRO also listed +1.310.773.8266 as "Pp." T-Mobile says OGUNGBE used the first number since April 3, 2012 at the street address 17260 Farwell St., Fontana, California.  His silver Lexus, registered to P/P Motors, LLC, was observed at that address.  That number was used in WHOIS data to register pandpmotorsllc with GoDaddy.com with the email adegoke101@gmail.com.  Google used the name "Moses Ogungbe" for that user, with the 5633 telephone.  The Instagram account "pandpmotors" used "Adegoke Moses Ogungbe" as the registered user.  Uber and Facebook also tie this user to the 5633 phone.  T-Mobile lists the 8266 number as his from Feb 6, 2016 to June 12, 2018.   P&P and PP both chat with IRO about personal matters, including referring from one phone number as saying "Na my second phone dey  my hand."
  • 6. ALBERT LEWIS CATHEY.  IRO's Samsung has three numbers for CATHEY.  +1.323.359.5052 ("Alb"), +1.310.484.3117 ("Albert Jag"), and +1.310.242.0179 ("Al").  The 5052 number ties CATHEY to the phone in Inglewood, California from Oct 15, 2012 to June 28, 2017. His DMV records and Sprint records also tie him to the address.  His iTunes account gives his email as "ac.lu@aol.com" with the same Inglewood address.  His Apple account was later linked to "blueheaven3223@gmail.com" which he used to communicate with IRO.  "Albert Jag" and IRO spoke almost daily from Feb 17, 2017 to March 31, 2017, with less frequent comms starting in September 2016.   They discussed bank accounts in both India and China used in frauds.  The "0179" number was registered to CATHEY's girlfriend, with her addresses in Lawndale and San Pedro, California.  CATHEY opened a business bank account for a fictitious Ghanaian oil company for IRO, linked to the "3117" number.  The "0179" number is also used to open  two business accounts at Comerica Bank.
  • *7*. TITYAYE MARINA MANSBANGURA, aka “Tityaye Igbokwe ,” aka “Marina Mansour,” aka “Marina Mansaray,” aka “Marina Tityaye Mans Bangura."  MANSBANGURA used at least sixteen different telephone numbers to communicate with IRO, IGBOKWE, and EROHA between October 2016 and July 2017.  +1.310.279.0880, +1.310.527.1235, +1.310.806.3646, +1.310.904.3858, +1.310.904.8073, +1.310.920.7285, +1.310.920.8666, +1.310.447.4893, +1.424.376.4052, +1.424.376.7261, +1.424.376.7260, +1.424.305.9393, +1.310.954.6109, +1.424.376.9179, +1.424.376.9219, and +1.424.376.8558.   At one point when she began having trouble opening bank accounts ("All the banks have blocked me.") IGBOKWE told her that IRO knew someone who could get her a new passport and social security card "in four days."
  • *8*. CHUKWUDI COLLINS AJAEZE, +234.818.517.4075 was in IRO's phone as “Thank You Jesus.”  Tango, a messaging app, ties that phone to "Collins Eze 2" and the email "ajaeze@gmail.com".  Google records for that subscriber gave the name "Chuckwudi Collins Ajaeze" with the telephone +1.424.227.0030 and the recovery email "tm.haily10@yahoo.com".  That US telephone number is tied to many bank accounts, including a Chase account (0038) and a Wells Fargo account (1849).  Facebook, Uber, and Lyft all link the email to Ajaeze as well.  At least six bank accounts opened by AJAEZE list IRO's apartment as the address.  (Wells Fargo accounts 3087, 7748, 912, and 1849), Bank of America account (5957) and Chase account (0038).
  • *9*. EKENE AUGUSTINE EKECHUKWU.  +1.562.328.9622 was listed in IRO's phone as "Power" and in IGBOKWE's phone as "Ogedi Power."  IRO and Ogedi Power discussed problems with a wire transfer in a March 2017 chat.  ("What's your name? Ekenne Williams?" No. Ekene Ekechukwu.  "Ohhh! I gave them Ekenne Williams ... I made a mistake on your name!")  A Facebook account (Austine Dee) and an Instagram account (Austine) tie to the same number.  Uber and Lyft accounts for that number give the email "fatherkee@hotmail.com." Microsoft says that email belongs to "Augustine Ekechukwu."
  • 10. CHUKS EROHA, aka “Chuks Nassa Iro,” aka “Nassa,” aka “Prince Chuddy,” aka “Nurse Chuddy,”
  • 11. COLLINS NNAEMEKA OJIMBA, aka “Collins Emeka Ojimba,” aka “Ojimba Collins." IRO had +1.323.317.7383 in his Samsung phone listed as “Charly.Africa."  That number was in T-Mobile's records belonging to OJIMBA since June 4, 2011, with a Hawthorne, California address.  OJIMBA opened multiple bank accounts for IRO, including US Bank (1837) and Wells Fargo (7776), the latter in the name of "C and K Business Enerprise" [sic, "t" missing].
  • 12. FNU LNU, aka “Xplora G,”
  • 13. UCHENNA OCHIAGHA, aka “Urch Agu,” aka “Advanced Mega Plus Ltd,”
  • 14. NNAMDI THEOJOSEPH DURU, aka “Duru Theo Joseph Nnamdi,” aka “Williams High School,” aka “Ifytyns,”
  • 15. ERICSON UCHE OFORKA, aka “Oforka,” aka “Eric Oforka,”
  • 16. MARK IFEANYI CHUKWUOCHA, aka “Mark Iheanyi Chukwuocha,” aka “Chukwu Mark,” aka “Markife,”
  • 17. AUGUSTINE NNAMDI, aka “Nnamdi Augustine,” aka “Jazz,”
  • 19. CHARLES OHAJIMKPO, aka “Giggs,” aka “Ryan Giggs,” aka “Charles,”
  • 20. STANLEY UGOCHUKWU UCHE, aka “Ugo Law,” aka “Uche Stanley,” aka “He is risen.Happy Easter!,”
  • 21. CHIKA AUGUSTINE ODIONYENMA, aka “Tony Augustin Odionyenma,” aka “Chika Tony,” aka “CTA Finance Source Intl,”
  • 22. PASCHAL CHIMA OGBONNA, aka “Chima,” aka “Paschal,”
  • 23. SAMUEL NNAMDI ONWUASOANYA, aka “Sammy Lee Nnamdi,” aka “Onwuasoanya Samuel Nnamdi."  Sammy was in IRO's phone as “Enugu Ogo" with the number +234.816.505.6552.  Sammy's website was discovered which listed his birthdate and email "samuelnnamdi@rocketmail.com."  Yahoo (who owns RocketMail) lists Mr. Samuel Nnamdi as that account holder.  IRO's enterprisesiro@gmail.com corresponded with Nnamdi at that address, including wire transfer information and proofs of payment.  "Sammy Lee Nnamdi" was also listed in IRO's and EROHA's phones with the same number.
  • *24*. MACWILLIAM CHINONSO CHUKWUOCHA, corresponded with IGBOKWE using the name “ChiBoy" from the phone +1.407.233.7717.  He said he was in Orlando, Florida, when chatting from the same number to IRO.  He used his true name when opening an Orlando, Florida Wells Fargo account (5736).  T-Mobile indicates the number belonged to "Amcwilliam Chukwuocha" from November 25, 2016 to March 20, 2017.  IGBOKWE's other phone listed this number in its contacts as "Macwilliam" in his "imo" messaging application.  "imo" shows the account to use the email "macwilliam123chukwuocha@gmail.com" and the same telephone number.
  • 25. EMMANUEL ONYEKA UZOKA.  IGBOKWE's phone listed UZOKA as "Mansion" (+1.470.338.6848) and also  “Son of God” (+1.646.457.6954). aka “Ezirim Uzoma").  IGBOKWE texted UZOKA and mentioned visiting Atlanta.  UZOKA provided his home address, 1405 Station Club Dr. SW, Marietta, Georgia 30060, which matches his driver's license address.  They discussed a $52,000 transfer in one chat.  T-Mobile ties the 6848 number to UZOKA at the same address.  UZOKA's Facebook and Instagram pages have photos matching ones he sent to IGBOKWE.
  • 26. JOSHUA ANIEFIOK AWAK.  IRO's Samsung lists +234.808.0265.5259 as "Joe Awk".  He provided a Nigerian Guaranty Trust Bank account to IRO via chat, confirming he received a transfer.  The same number was on a business card AWAK provided to CBP when entering LAX airport following an inbound flight.  He told CBP he would be visiting IRO and provided two of IRO's telephone numbers to them, including the primary (+1.424.287.9250.)  Google has that number listed for "awak.joshua@gmail.com" with a recovery address of "joshuaawak@icloud.com."  Yahoo lists him as "joshuaawak@yahoo.com" with many telephone numbers and additional email addresses, including "ccs03h@gmail.com" which supplied the fraudulent invoice for victim R.B. above.  A Chase Bank investigator also provided the telephone number +1.786.872.2885 that linked AWAK to the email awak.joshua@gmail.com in their records.
  • *27*. GEORGE UGOCHUKWU EGWUMBA. IRO listed "George Ugo" as +1.714.916.1760, while EROHA had the same number as "Ugo Aunty Scholar."  Facebook ties the number to a "George Egwumba" account with the emails smillinggeorgeconsult@yahoo.com and egwumbag@yahoo.com.  Apple ties the number to the latter address, as well as "wingaldnigeria.ent@gmail.com".  A Nigerian telephone number, +234.803.374.3079, is also used in both Apple IDs.  The Yahoo id confirms the Nigerian telephone number, but also gives the name "Mr. George Bent."
  • 28. UCHECHUKWU SOLOMON EZIRIM, aka “Uche Nwanne,” aka “Uche Ezirim,”
  • 29. AUGUSTINE IFEANYI OKAFOR, aka “Zero,” aka “St.Austine,” aka “Austine,” aka “Ifeanyichukwu Okafor,”
  • 30. FNU LNU, aka “Okay Sam Mal,”
  • 31. LESLIE N. MBA, aka “Mystical,” aka “Nwachinemere Leslie,”
  • 32. OGOCHUKWU INNOCENT IKEWESI, aka “Ogoo UK,” aka “Innocent Ikewesi,”
  • 33. EMMANUEL UZOMA OGANDU, aka “Nwachinaemere,” aka “Uzoma,”
  • 34. AMARACHUKWU HARLEY ANYANWU, aka “GodisGod,” aka “War B,”
  • 35. BRIGHT IFEANYI AZUBUIKE, aka “Bright Bauer Azubuike,” aka “Ifeanyi Jnr,”
  • 36. EMEKA MOSES NWACHUKWU, aka “All Man,” aka “Omalitoto,”
  • 37. FNU LNU, aka “Donatus Izunwanne,” aka “Izunwanne Donatus Chibuikem,” aka “Deworlddonmax,”
  • 38. CHINWENDU KENNETH OSUJI, aka “Father,”
  • 39. EUSEBIUS UGOCHUKWU ONYEKA, aka “Ugo UK,” aka “sly19 sly,”
  • 40. CHIDI ANUNOBI, aka “Anunobi Chidi,” aka “Chidioo,”
  • 41. ANTHONY NWABUNWANNE OKOLO, aka “Eric West,” aka “Erci West,” aka “Code,”
  • 42. OBINNA CHRISTIAN ONUWA, aka “Papa Chukwuezugo,” aka “Obinna Onuwa Abala,” aka “Obyno Abala,”
  • 43.  CHIJIOKE CHUKWUMA ISAMADE, aka “Mr CJ,” aka “CJ,”  IRO's broken phone listed +1.415.530.9429 as "Cj" and had communicated with +1.707.490.1571.  The 9429 number was in IGBOKWE's phone as "Mr CJ." who was also listed as "Mr. CJ" with the Nigerian phone number +234.809.115.3589.  AT&T links the 9429 number to "Chijioke Isamade" in Sugar Land, Texas. He used the email "princeisamadecj@outlook.com" and "mrpincecj@icloud.com on two Uber accounts tied to the 1571 telephone number.
  • 44. LINUS NNAMDI MADUFOR, aka “Madufor Nnamdi,”
  • 45. CHRYSAUGONUS NNEBEDUM, aka “Cris,”
  • 46. UGOCHUKWU OKEREKE, aka “Blade,” aka “Kingsly Cris,” aka “Okereke Ugochukwu,”
  • *47*. FIDEL LEON ODIMARA.  IGBOKWE listed +1.713.366.6633 variously as "Ndaa", "Fidel Odimara", "Dee Dutchman", "dutchman dee", "Ndaa USA", and "amusan olubunmi" in his various devices.   The T-Mobile records for the number tie it to "Fidel Odimara" at 10555 Turtlewood Court, Houston, TX 77072 since 21OCT2015.  Wallis State Bank had all of the same information listed for a business bank account in the name "General Auto USA."   Uber tied the phone number to fidelleo2005@yahoo.com, which Yahoo listed as "Mr. fidelo Jackson" with an alternate email of "generalegroup@yahoo.com."  That email had in turn the alternate email "generaloilservices@yahoo.com" in the name "Fidel Odimara."Instagram listed his account name as "De Dutchman" with the vanity URL /dedutchman, tied to the generalegroup@yahoo.com email address.
  • 49. DESSI NZENWAH, aka “Desmond Sage,” aka “Des Nzenwa,” aka “Saga Lounge,”
  • 50. CHIMAROKE OBASI, aka “Chima Russia”
  • 51. JAMES CHIGOZIE AGUBE, aka “Smart,” aka “Smart Agube,” aka “Smart Chigozie Agube”
  • 52. CHIMAOBI UZOZIE OKORIE, aka “Omaobi,” aka “Mobility,”
  • 53. OGOCHUKWU OHIRI, aka “Ogomegbulam Ohiri,” aka “Ologbo,”
  • *54*. KENNEDY CHIBUEZE UGWU, aka “Kennedy David,” was listed in IGBOKWE's phone as 1.781.654.5154, with additional numbers of +1.781.654.5154 and +1.347.393.1600, using the named "Kennedy", "Kennedy USA", and "Kennedy Ugwu."  The 5154 number was used in chats discussing payments with IGBOKWE, who stated that he lived in Brockton or Boston Massachusetts.  These phone numbers also were tied to the Facebook account for "Kennedy David."  "Northeast Security Inc" confirms that Ugwu was an employee and used a Brockton, MA street address, the 5154 telephone, and the email "kennedyugwu22@gmail.com" in his employment records.  his Facebook vanity URL was "kennedy.ugwu.7" and the same email given by his employer.
  • *55*. IFEANYICHUKWU OLUWADAMILARE AGWUEGBO.  IGBOKWE had AGWUEGBO in his phone as “B😎😎$$ IFF¥” with the number +1.401.536.0073.  A Wells Fargo investigator shows him using that number with the street address 8907 Deer Meadow Dr., Houston, TX 77071 to open an account ending in 2016.  He conducted at least five financial transactions related to this case, all using the same telephone and street address, including some using a Bank of America account (1769).
  • *56*. VICTOR IFEANYI CHUKWU. +1.323.237.4383 was listed in IGBOKWE's phone as "Vic," "Vic Chux", and "Anyi LA," in IRO's phone as “Ifeannyi Soccer,” and in EROHA's phone as "Ifeanyi."   In a text to IRO he says "my name is victor chukwu and I live in Los Angeles, California."  Chuckwu was interviewed by the FBI and provided an email "ifydiddy@yahoo.com" listed as belonging to Mr. Ifeanyi Chukwu, with the same phone.  Uber listed him as a driver, using that phone and the email "vic.chukwu@yahoo.com".  Lyft shows him as ifydiddy@yahoo.com.
  • *57*. CHIDI EMMANUEL MEGWA.  IGBOKWE calls 1.754.213.6149 "Cantr,” in his contacts on one phone and "Canta Jr." with the number +1.682.414.1984 on another phone.  His Facebook account links him to emails "jaz_y2004@yahoo.com," "megwaemmanuel@yahoo.com," and "kodioluvsu@yahoo.com." Lyft has him listed as "Chidi Emmanuel" with the email "megwachidi@gmail.com" and after the 6149 number, also +1.682.347.0113.  His DMV photo matches images of him shared by SMS picturing him at a club with IGBOKWE and EROHA.
  • *58*. PRINCEWILL ARINZE DURU.  IGBOKWE had the number +1.916.997.9097 listed for DURU.  The two traded information about a Chase Bank account (2101), which Chase confirmed with this telephone number and the email princeeznira@gmail.com.  Sprint lists him as "Princewill Duru" in Carmichael, California.  Bank of America account (4859) in the name "PD Enterprise" showed DURU as the account holder with emails pdenterprise2017@gmail.com and princeduru22@yahoo.com.  Google lists a backup address for princeeznira as princeduru22@yahoo.com (in the name "King Eznira", which is "Arinze" spelled backwards, but also a pun on making "easy naira" (the currency of Nigeria.)
  • 59. ESMOND IWU, aka “Desmond Chigozie Iwu,” aka “Lalaw,” aka “Odo Desmond,”
  • 60. YEKA VINCENT CHIKA, aka “Chyco,” aka “Chika Ejima,” aka “Vincent Chika Onyeka,”
  • 61. FEANYI KINGSLEY MEZIENWA, aka “Ifeanyi Ali,” aka “Ifeanyichukwu Mezienwa,”
  • 62. VICTOR UCHENNA AGUH, aka “Orch Sod,” aka “Uche SP,” aka “Rich Homie Urch,”
  • 63. KEVIN AMARACHI ESHIMBU, aka “Humble,” aka “Humble Amarachukwu,” aka “Dato Humble,”
  • 64. VITALIS KELECHI ANOZIE, aka “Kelechi Vitalis Anozie,” aka “Kelechi Anozieh,” aka “Pastor Kel Anozie,” aka “Pastor Kc,” aka “Choice,”
  • 65. WILLIAMS OBIORA AGUNWA, aka “Don Williams,”
  • 66. GEORGE CHIMEZIE DIKE, aka “Chimekros,” aka “Slim Dad…No…1,”
  • *67*. MUNACHISO KYRIAN UKACHUKWU.  IGBOKWE's phones list +1.510.417.7578 as "Muna" and in his "imo" messaging app as "Muna Ukachukwu."  Twitter and imo give the email "munaukachukwu@gmail.com" and confirm the telephone number for Twitter accounts @Munachiso18 and @MunaUkachukwu.  The same information is used for a Skype account.  T-Mobile places him at 366 Ohio Ave, Richmond, California and a previous address, also on Ohio Avenue, matches his California DMV record.  He was a Lyft driver as well, using the same phone and email munac_2000@yahoo.com.
  • *68*. NWANNEBUIKE OSMUND.  +1.424.672.0859 is in IGBOKWE's phone as "Olivite" while EROHA lists him as "Nikky Bros." and IRO as "Nikky Bro."  T-Mobile places him in Carson, California, as does the DMV.  Yahoo ties that phone to nwannebuikeosmund@yahoo.com.
  • 69 CHIDIEBERE FRANKLIN NWANGWU, aka “Frank Chidi,” aka “Franklin Nwangwu,” aka “Agogo,”
  • 70. DAMIAN UCHECHUKWU AJAH, aka “Uche Ajah,” aka “Ajah Damian Uchechukwu,” aka “Uchechukwu Demian Ajah,”
  • 71. MEKA P. EJIOFOR, aka “Ejiofor Emeka,”
  • 72. LAWRENCE CHUKWUMA UBASINEKE, aka “Ubasineke Chuks,” aka “Chukwuma Ubasineke,”
  • 73. CHINEDU BRIGHT IBETO, aka “Doggy,” aka “Doggy Lucino,”
  • 74. VALENTINE AMARACHI NWANEGWO, aka “Satis,” aka “Satis Amarachi Satis,”
  • 75. EMMANUEL CHIDIEBERE DIKE, aka “Emmanet,”
  • 76. JEREMIAH UTIEYIN EKI, aka “Uti,”
  • 77. CHINAKA DAVIDSON IWUOHA, aka “Tmrw Afrika Will Wake Up,” aka “Cookie,” aka “All Africa Media Network,”
  • 78. CHIMA DARLINGTON DURU, aka “Kajad,” aka “Kajad Jesus,”
  • 79. IKENNA CHRISTIAN IHEJIUREME, aka “Piper,” aka “Am Happy!,”
  • 80. OBI ONYEDIKA MADEKWE.  +234.703.472.4857 is in IRO and IGBOKWE's phones as  “Odu Invest" and "Obi LA."  +1.310.658.4080 is also in IRO's phone as "Obi Soccer."   Madekwe introduced himself by name in chat, and opened a Wells Fargo account (1223) in his own name.  He used the email omadekwe1@gmail.com and the 4080 telephone number.  Google links that email to the +234 phone.  IRO complains that his "Main Exchanger" has gone to Nigeria in April and May of 2017.  DHS confirms MADEKWE traveled to Nigeria in April 2017.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Lauded Nigerian Entrepreneur may be a BEC Yahoo Boy

Obinwanne Okeke: The Entrepreneur

Obinwanne Okeke, 31 year old CEO and Founder of Invictus Group, is frequently lauded as a success story.  At age 28, Forbes Africa featured him in their June 2016 issue under the title "Africa's Most Promising Entrepreneurs: Forbes Africa's 30 Under 30 for 2016".

Although the 30 are "in no particular order", Obinwanne was one of the two selected to appear on the cover of that month's Forbes Africa:

The Forbes profile described Okeke like this:
Okeke could not fail his mother. A promise meant hard work and dreaming big.  He was raised in Ukpor village, 790 kilometers from Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, as the 17th child of a polygamous father. He went to boarding school aged 10, lost his father at 16 and moved from one relative to another. He named his company Invictus after one of Nelson Mandela’s favorite a poems, by William Ernest Henley, about the undefeated and unconquerable soul of a hard worker, from an impoverished background, who will not give up.
Invictus is in construction, agriculture, oil and gas, telecoms and real estate. He has 28 permanent and 100 part-time employees across nine companies.
He was also selected to speak at the Lagos TEDx Yaba conference, where his topic was "DNA of the Nigerian Entrepreneur ... The Resilience Needed" (photo from his company website - invictus.com.ng): 


Obinwanne also was featured on Forbes' "YoungMoney" ... and the BBC's "Rising Star" ...

Full interview at BBC Africa's Facebook page
The BBC interview gave some of Obi's background.  He says that he started an IT company at age 16 while still in the village, printing business cards and making websites.  With this money he bought the finest bicycle in the village. Later, he was accepted to study at Monash University, where he studied International Business and Counter-Terrorism.  He says that he was fascinated with Criminology, which is interesting in hindsight.

Obinwanne Okeke: The BEC Criminal / Yahoo Boy

According to court records available on PACER, Okeke was arrested in Dulles, Virginia on August 6, 2019.  Let's just walk through the Criminal Complaint that was used to justify the arrest warrant:

Okeke was charged with Conspiracy to Commit Computer Fraud and Wire Fraud. (18 USC section 1030 and 1349.)  

In June 2018, Unatrac Holding Limited, the export sales office for Caterpillar heavy industrial and farm equipment, headquartered in the UK, contacted the FBI, reporting that Unatrac ad been scammed out of $11 Million USD.  Unatrac's Chief Financial Officer fell for a phishing email that contained a login link to a fake Microsoft Office365 website.  When the CFO entered his userid and password, it was sent to the criminals.  Between April 6 and April 20, 2018, the CFO's account was logged into from IP addresses mostly in Nigeria on 464 different occasions.

One key behavior of recent BEC scams was also present in this one.  On seven different occasions, someone modified Outlook Office365 rules to intercept legitimate emails to and from employees on the financial teams, mark them as "read" and move them to another folder outside the in box.  The complaint says "These rules appeared to have been created in an attempt to hide from the CFO any responses from the individuals to whom the intruder was sending fabricated emails."

With full access to the CFO's accounts, the intruders stole invoices, invoice templates, and logos, and used them to create fraudulent invoices, sent from external addresses to the CFO, and then forwarded "by the CFO" to the financial team for payment.  One such example email was received on April 19, 2018 from pakfei.trade@gmail.com.  The email was forwarded two minutes later to the finance team with instructions to pay.

From April 11 through April 19th, they paid 15 fraudulent payments, included three invoices for "Pak Fei Trade Limited" in the amounts of $278,270.66, $898,461.17, and $1,957,100.00.  Altogether, $11 million USD was sent out of the company.

Documents related to the CFO's travel schedule and the companies tax filings were also stolen, forwarded to the email address "iconoclast1960@gmail.com."  WHOIS queries run by the FBI indicated that the email address was used to create fraudulent "clones" of real companies websites.  One example they give is of "emmarlndustries.com" -- where the "I" in Industries is actually a lowercase "L".  The real company is a domain owned by ASM International Trading in Dubai.  Other domains, not mentioned in the affidavit, but also registered by this address, include "hmlsho-group.com" and "western-chem.net" and ".com".

Search warrants for the email addresses of iconoclast1960 revealed additional frauds, including a $108,470.55 payment received by the Red Wing Shoe Company in Minnesota.  They were victimized in a very similar way.  More than 600 additional phished userids and passwords were recovered in the gmail, along with photos of passports and driver's licenses.  

Chats between iconoclast1960 and others dating from December 2017 to November 2018 reveal the scammer interacting with people who are making his phishing sites for him, including a Docusign phishing site.  The iconoclast1960 email account also sent and received emails containing phishing kits, such as one called "microsoft.zip" where the file "verify.php" contained code to email stolen credentials to a redacted email address.

The iconoclast1960 gmail account used a recovery email address of "alibabaobi@gmail.com".  This address shared a login session cookie with several additional accounts, including "obinwannem@gmail.com".  This means that the person who logged in to Gmail as "alibabaobi" had also logged in to Gmail, from the same computer, using the Gmail account "obinwannem".  

The Obinwannem gmail account also belongs to the Nairaland.com user "InvictusObi" and to the Twitter user "@invictusobi."  The Twitter page provides repeated links to an Instagram account for InvictusObi as well.  Both the Twitter and Instagram page provide many proofs that these accounts belong to Obinwanne Okeke, the CEO of Invictus Group.

Gmail, Twitter, and Instagram all log the IP addresses from which users access their accounts.  When Okeke posted on Instagram that he was visiting Seychelles, Google's logs showed that iconoclast1960@gmail was logging in from, in Seychelles.  When Okeke was posting on Instagram that he was visiting London on April 20, 2018, the iconoclast1960@gmail account was logging in from  When Okeke said he was visiting the United States, specifically Washington, DC, the iconoclast1960@gmail account was logging in from, a ComCast IP address in Washington, DC.

For further evidence, Okeke posted information that he had been hospitalized following a recovery from surgery.  The FBI agents searched the Google chat logs for Iconoclast1960 and found that he was mentioning in the chats "ive been in hospital. im back in nigeria but still resting.

The FBI agent also found multiple instances where the iconoclast1960 gmail account forwarded emails with attachments to the invictusobi@icloud.com account.  Search warrants were also conducted for that account, as well as obinwannem@gmail and alibabaobi@gmail.

Searches through older FBI case files show additional previous frauds conducted in the same manner using the same email addresses, dating all the way back to 2015.  

The FBI agent ended his affidavit by showing that Obinwanne Okeke has a Nigerian Passport A50254005 and uses a Visa for entry to the United States "once or twice a year."  He was currently in the country, scheduled to depart on August 6, 2019.  

Presumably that is how they knew where to find him at Dulles Airport in Virginia to arrest him as he attempted to leave the country.  That must have been a nice collar for the FBI agent who had spent all that time investigating to be able to pick him up in person!