Friday, January 11, 2008

New IRS Virus page taxes users

A phishing site hosts fraudulent bank pages, and an IRS look-alike virus

A new round of spam, first noticed on January 8th, has been observed by anti-phishing researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. In many ways the spam is typical phishing emails, trying to trick users into visiting a fraudulent website. This family of emails uses the domains listed below to host several different phishing campaigns, each in a different subdirectory. For example:

/_mem_bin/formslogin.asp = Intelligent Finance
/default.aspx = NatWest Bank
/confirm.asp = Royal Bank of Scotland

But in addition to the traditional phishing, or bank fraud websites, which try to steal userids and passwords for online banking accounts, this spam campaign also includes a fake Internal Revenue Service website - and it isn't asking for your password!

/importantpubs/index.htm = Internal Revenue Service

After giving a warning to "Business/Corporate Treasury Managers and Accountants", the fraudulent IRS website claims to have "important recent changes to business and corporate tax laws".

Each of the links which claim to be a new document with important tax information actually is a link to a virus! With file names like:


the virus attempts to trick users into opening the file. If successful, the user will think he is getting information to share his taxes with the IRS, but actually the user will begin to share their information with criminals instead!

Some of the domains hosting this virus so far:

New Sites
Older sites

REMEMBER! The IRS is not going to send you an email to warn you about new documents or ask you to login. Several major anti-virus products do not yet detect this virus! Be safe! Do not click on links sent to you in email. If you need new tax documents, visit the real website at:

As we have seen in so much recent malware, the websites are being rotated to include hosting on many servers. Here are the sites which are serving the malware according to our most recent query, but there may be many many more. - Warsaw, Poland - Warsaw, Poland - Columbus, Ohio - New York, New York - Penn State University - Amsterdam, the Netherlands - Dallas County Community College - Tarnow, Poland

gary warner

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