Thursday, August 07, 2008

CNN Spam Diversifies . . .

We continue to see an alarming number of spam messages pretending to be from CNN, with the subject " Daily Top 10". Approximately 6% of our spam messages are currently part of this campaign.

The spam messages contain graphics which are actually being loaded from the real CNN website. We'll load them here from the same site so you can see them. These are the graphics present in each of the spam emails, fetched directly from the CNN website, just like the current spam campaign, lending to the credibility of the spam.

Top 10 stories

There are now more than 190 URLs being used to spread the malware. While the earliest versions of the malware URL all used the path "index2.html", the malware now also is hosted on the paths "cnnlive.html", "cnnnews.html", "cnntop.html", and "cnnvideo.html".

There are now 162 servers hosting 192 paths which have been involved in this attack. Each of these servers had the malicious content uploaded to it by a hacker. Most of these are legitimate websites which were hosting real webpages before they were compromised for this purpose. Because the malicious contents are not interfering with the primary use of the server, in many cases the webmasters were not even aware of the compromise.


Here is a list of malicious URLs, grouped by "path":

An astounding number of fake headlines have been used as lures. Each spam email message contains ten of these headlines listed as "Top Stories" and ten more of these headlines listed as "Top Videos".

`Dark Knight' - download it instantly fo free
125,000 gorillas found in New York
12-year-old with HIV applauded at AIDS conference
16 Police Die in Pre-Olympic Attack
5 more arrested from west Texas polygamist sect
6 NFL greats inducted into the pro football hall of fame
8-Foot Python Becomes Laundry
95-year-old Paul Batman calls Texas -- not Gotham City -- home.
A college student has vowed to make it through the summer on one tank of gas.
A drunken driver slams into car as officer wrote a ticket.
A first-birthday coming of age ritual that foretells the future.
A look at the future computing technologies which will go beyond Moore's Law.
A major study by Microsoft supports "small world" theory.
A prostitute waits for customers
A young human rights attorney makes unprecented move against religious police.
Acrobatic troupe's colourful London debut of Swan Lake
Activists kill 3 in Ohio
Afghan, NATO troops kill 17 militants in southern Afghanistan
Aged Tires: A Driving Hazard?
Ageing Japanese men worry about body odour
Air force one crashes in Iraq
Al QaedaÆs Leader Arrested
Alleged pickup thief loses truck to carjacker
Amy Winehouse hospitalized following drug overdose
An American pilot's mission won the heart of a city in its darkest hour.
Ancestor of T-Rex dinosaur unearthed in Poland
Ancient shark had colossal bite. See pics now!
Andre Agassi admits drug abuse
Angels Grow on Trees says Hillary Clinton
Angry, late, tired passengers make computers crash
Anthrax researcher had been under psychiatric care before his death.
Arctic park faces melting crisis
A-Rod to wed Madonna in September
AS SEEN ON TV: Elder Care Resources
Athletes bare all. See now!
Atlanta's Airport Named World's Busiest
Attackers kill 16 police at Chinese border post
Bank accounts 'not working for customers
Bank breaks rules on charges court case Derbyshire
Bank charges claims left in limbo
Bank Pampers Thousands
Bankers are laughing all the way to the bank
Banks to rake in extra $1.3bn in next six months after delaying OFT overdraft crackdown
Beckham wins a surfboard in LA
Become Sperm Donor and Get Rich
Beijing unblocks BBC Chinese site
Beijing under threat as Olympics looms
Bikers down to bare basics for eco demonstration
Bill Clinton and Monika seen again
Bill Clinton finds Hillary affair pics
Bill Clinton Regrets, 'I Am Not a Racist'
Bill Thompson asks if the web changes how we think
Bill Thompson on Apple's software security stance
Blake Lively admits crush on Britney
Blake Lively admits teenage lesbianism
Boy Loses Arm in Gator Attack
Boy thrown outside window in school
Boys bounce for 24 hours in world record attempt
Brangelina babies finally unveiled on Web
Brazil launches rainforest fund
Breaking Dawn' Book Excerpt Exclusive!
'Breaking Dawn' Book Excerpt Exclusive!
Bridge collapses in New York
Buses are a 'consumer's paradise' as airfares rise and air stresses grow.
Bush plans to kill prisoner
Bush urgently flies to Asia
Buy gasoline before prices shoot off
Buy the original Olympic Torch from Beijing
Can a party game reveal flaws in U.S. wiretapping and war plans?
Car bomb in Washington kills hundreds
Car buyers sue Ford over limited edition vehicle
Celebrity was seen naked on the beach
Changing the way we think
Cheesus! Jesus Spotted in a Cheeto
Chef: sorry for suggesting poison plant in salad
China clamping down on journalists' Web access to control image during Games.
China has more internet users than US
China Jails Another Dissident Before Games
China Rising: Will It Overtake the U.S.?
China tightens security following attack in west
China's 'rapid renewables surgery' is available now!
Christian Bale admits affair with Angelina Jolie
Christian Bale hits on Lindsay Lohan
Christina Applegate treated for breast cancer
Church-goers shot for having different views
Clark Rockefeller continues to stymie investigators' questions about his past.
Cleaning up in 'fab world'
Clinton Denies Racism Claims
Closing the Gates after Bill
Comedian Mac in Chicago hospital
Commercial dog clones are available now
Computer mouse faces extinction
Condo investors in Florida are struggling to hold their lives together.
Cops May Close Anthrax Probe Today
Coroner ID's teenager who was asphyxiated, dumped in shallow desert grave.
Corrupt China official betrayed by leaky toilet
Cuil - new google-ish search engine
Customers not paid back overdraft charges
Death or a crippling injury could leave your loved ones out in the cold.
Definition of a womanÆs G-spot
Dinosaurs Come to Life at Exhibit
Dinosaurs interact with humans on 'Primeval'
Disputed Korean rocks bring banking, ring tones
Divorced, beheaded or died? Joss Stone to play one of Henry VIII's wives in The Tudors
Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies is among the stars
Dog Plays Mom for Tiger Cubs
Dog Rides a 'Hog'
Don't streak, get drunk or sleep outside at Olympics
Doping scandal rush out before the opening
Drug, alcohol mix blamed for "Joker's" death
Drunken Man Can't Erase Arrest
Dumped computers cause toxic concerns in Ghana
Early stereo recordings restored
Edouard hits Texas, many dies
Edouard Triggers 'Cane Watch for Texas
Energy giants are told to pay back billions
Engine test for Falcon 9 rocket
Ernest Hemingway look-alikes hit Key West's streets to honor the author.
Ex-Google engineers debut 'Cuil' way to search
Facebook Grows, but Where's the Profit?
Facebook under attack by clones
Family Dinner in China's Countryside
Family Lives Paycheck-to-Paycheck
Farmer sends message to neighbors with car fence
Fatal medication errors at home causes 1 million deaths
FBI arrest Gotti Jr in New York
FBI investigates new attacks on Calif. scientists
FBI reveal sealed docs describing anthrax attack details
FDA warns against eating lobster
FIC Says Overdraft Charges Unfair On Consumers
Fight back against unfair credit card practices
Find you friend online for free
Five Secrets to Get a Bargain on a House
Fla. man dials 911, complains his sub had no sauce
Floods in Minnesota kill hundreds
Food Prices Too High? Buy a Farm
Four Girls and You. Reveal Your Fantasies
France accused in Rwanda genocide
Free banking is a myth: charges on current accounts reach $8bn a year
Freeman still in serious condition after car crash
Funnies: Celebrity Candidates?
Furnished Nazi bunkers surface in Denmark
Future directions in computing
Gay bishops banned and castigated
Gay declares himself fit for 100m
GE declares 100 million deficit
German police women get "bullet-proof bras"
Get a current account that beats the credit crunch
Get new sport car. If youÆre smart enough
Get your up-to-date fix of blog posts about all things digital
Good Housekeeping Institute tested backpacks, snacks and lunch boxes.
Google accused on privacy views
Google Knol threatens wikipedia
Gossip Girl wins six Choice gongs
GPS-equipped turtle stumbles upon field of marijuana in a D.C. park.
Grabbing for Destiny: A Chinese Baby's Coming of Age
Guinea Pigs Get Dressed ... and Eaten
Half-scale replica of German tank built for paintball competition.
Harried family forgets 3-year-old daughter at airport.
Have Your Hours Been Cut?
Hedge-Fund Soldier Leads Double Life
High cost of little cash
Hillary admits she was wrong
Hillary falls from horse, hurts arm
Hillary finds ladies' stuff in house, storms off in a huff
Hi-tech criminals target Twitter
Hopkins, Epstein, Bolger Join Cast of 'Dirty Dancing''s U.S. Tour
How One Family Fought Foreclosure
Human malaria jab tests nearing
IBM to file for bankruptcy
Iggy Pop truck stolen after show
Illusionist Chris Angel races against time in a building set to detonate.
In the era of pills, fewer psychiatrists do talk therapy.
In the first surgery of its kind, a German farmer gets a new pair of arms.
Inflation rises to 35-year high of 8.2%
Intel unveils graphics chip line. See it now!
Internet exposes Obama affair
Is this photo fake? Meet the people who say it is...
It's a buyer's market if you know what 'code words' to look for.
Jacksons to receive Icon honour
Japanese rookie tosses perfect game for Dodgers
JFK heir found
Joe Corre was born to rail against
Kaiser Chiefs boast a 'weird, fresh, radical' new sound
Kelsey Grammer in hospital after heart attack
Kevin Costner appreciates politics and making movies.
Kevn Spacey forced to admit to affair
Key to Biz Success: The Conference Table?
Kidnap Dad In Custody, Girl Found Safe
Last Survivor of K-2 Tragedy Still Climbing
Laura Bush naked
Learn how to be a guru in finding G-spots
Leona Lewis up for US MTV award
Light goes out on pioneer machine
Lost Your Home to Foreclosure?
Madonna admits to 12 different affairs
Madonna seduced Timberlake on set
Maggie Q seen with Brad Pitt
Magma in the Atlantic ocean cooks up ultra-hot water.
Maine island loses trash can mail delivery service
Making a career in Hollywood. You can do it!
Making punishment fit the crime
Man Offers $1 Billion Reward for Breast Cancer Cure
Man presumed dead in 1976 Colo. flood found alive
Man shoots churchgoers over liberal views
Man tells 911 slot machine stole his money
Man wins appeal in bizarre gasoline suicide case
Mars May Not Be Garden Spot
Mass suicide of prisoners in US cell
Massive earthquake in Japan kills thousands
McDonald's feed wastes
Meet the Real Batman
Men survivied month eating dog food
Merrill Lynch files for bankruptcy
MGM Mirage gets CityCenter financing
Michael Jackson is sued by his own dog
Michael Jordan admits affairs with dozens of girls
Michael Jordan attacks Clinton
Michelle Obama latest fashion disaster
Microsoft sees end of Windows era
Miley Cyrus describes her dream man
Mitch Winehouse will host a phone-in show on BBC Radio London in September.
Moon can inhabited at 2010
More UCLA staff saw celebs' health records
Morgage Loan You Can Pay Off
Mortgage rates rise to heavens
MTA Screwing You
Murderer on the loose after cop bungle in Iowa
Mysterious 'Monster of Montauk'
Naked Madonna blows the press conference
Naked Teen Meets You at Your Home
NASA engineer-DJ Mark Branch thinks spinning beats is a science.
Neighborhood quarrel threatened to bring war, but it ends in handshakes.
New Breed of Dolphin
New cure for Alzheimers' discovered
New quake hits Chinese province
New study suggests that athletic performance can affect visual perception.
No answers as McCarthy, Favre meet late into night
No More $1 Double Cheeseburgers?
No wonder we don't trust the banks
Nokia morphs itself from within
Northern Rock cash boost attacked
Not All Men Need Prostate Cancer Screening
NY girl falls 14 stories, saved by sooty landing
Oasis to play secret gig for fans
Obama beats McCain
Obama sacks 4 top staff
Obama spotted in secret China meeting
Obama urges opening oil reserves
Obama-Clinton ticket is most likely
Oil price falls further to $118
Oil prices drop to 45-year low
Olsen seeks Ledger immunity
Olympic Sport: Blocking the Internet
Olympics-Wear ox pendant to avoid rat clashes, leaders
One couple juggles two kids and four jobs; a rebate check is their only relief.
One family struggles to maintain company, as personal savings dry up.
One million dollars to be win by Friday. Try you luck
One woman risks her own financial future to care for her grandparents.
Owner's delight as scientists produce five clones of pet pooch
Oxygen bottle damages Qantas aircraft
Packet pioneer
Pain at the Pump Roils Presidential Campaigns
Palin show criticised on accuracy
Paris Hilton's mom takes offense at McCain's humor
Phoenix diary. The team is under pressure to get results on Mars
Police hunt stolen rare shark
Police killed in west China ahead of Games
Pool Parasite Infections on the Rise
Primate warning. Beware of gorillas!
Primates 'face extinction crisis'
Private plane travel to be banned
Punk progeny launches "Terrorist" clothing line
Research shows a mother's brain reacts positively to infant's smile.
Rig dumps tons of dirt when nature calls driver
Riposte to "Eat, Pray, Love" hooks studio deal
Roosevelt revisited - 100 months to halt dangerous climate change
Russian stocks take hit as govt. looks to nationalize steel, oil companies.
Ryan Seacrest survives California shark attack
S. America: To the Brink of War and Back
S. Koreans fire water cannons at Bush
Secret deal kept British troops out of Basra
See how this family of six keeps their grocery bill at $350 a month.
Sex and the city forbidden,
Sex link' to French oyster rout
'Sex link' to French oyster rout
Sexual strength youÆd never dreamt of. Get it now
Sheen 'highest paid US TV actor'
Shia LaBeouf recovering after hand surgery
Should a baby be risked to save her sister?
Six month delay over refund of bank charges $800 bank charges for 8p overdraft
Small Businesses Feeling the Squeeze
Social networking sites have lots of users, but no one seems to be buying.
Sony goes solo in music venture
SpaceX launch fails a third time
Staff urged to dress down, stay cool as U.N. heats up
Star Wars' George Lucas on thrill of making Clone Wars
Star Wars model raises $350,000
Statins reduce memory loss
Student charged ?800 for going 8p into the red
Study shows: Golf Holes Bigger to Athletes
Superheroes Get Sandy
Take look inside the surreal and ultra-clean world of the silicon manufacturing plant.
Take you chance, win new car!
Taking Viagra daily exceeds menÆs strength, new research says
Teenage Mutant Ninja NARC
Tehran says it launched nuke missile
Ten to watch
Terminator Salvation, fourth Terminator film previews
Thailand bans Grand Theft Auto IV
The bloody murderer is arrested at last
The decline of primates shows time is running out
The hits and misses of his leadership of Microsoft
The humble mobile phone become a multimedia, multi-function monster
The importance of being there
The mortgage mess has plunged some American families into crisis
The sea creature giving Britain's olympic sailing squad a boost
The three New Jersey brothers delight teens with fun, wholesome music.
Three children jailed for armed holdup
Tips and resources so you can make better decisions about elder care.
Tips by 'America's Cheapest Family'
Torture widespread in Palestinian jails
Tropical Storm Edouard moving toward Texas coast
Turkey investigates deaths of 27 babies in 2-week period at Ankara hospital.
Two planes in airport collision
Typhoon in Taiwan devastates city
Urgent! Strong quake hits China
US beef unsafe for consumption
US hearing for 'al-Qaeda' woman
US Potatoes unsafe for consumption
US surgical errors cost $1.5 billion a year: report
Vet Aids Endangered Shark
Victoria Beckham is descendant of comrade of Marx
Video websites 'must vet content'
Virgin Galactic shows off mothership space craft
Virgin territory for ISPs
Vitamin C 'slows cancer growth'
Wall-climbing robots have been developed by scientists in America.
War, Spying and Party Game Delusions
Was there a deal to keep the British out of the Basra battle?
Watchdog gives banks more time over complaints
West Nile virus cases reported in California
Western wealth poses dilemma for Muslim islanders
What has melon liqueur got to do with Microsoft?
What Is Microsoft So Afraid Of?
Whoopi Kissed a Girl and She Liked It
Why mass hysteria is the exception -- not the rule.
Why Microsoft's next-gen software is called Midori
Why the future is in your hands
WiFi will work everywhere. Find out
Wildlife: A luxury we can live without?
Will nearly all Americans be obese by 2030? Diet experts have their say.
Woman Attacked by Beau's Pitbull
Woman gives birth to 18th child
Woman Survives Bear Attack
World's Hottest Water Found
World's oldest joke traced back to 1900 BC
World's smallest snake discovered
X Files fails to make UK impact
Yahoo board wins investor vote
Yankees plane crashes over Minnesota
Yard Work and Leather is just one of many new candle scents for men.
You New Credit, No
Your Mortgages Questions Answered
You're under a vest! German policewomen get 'bullet-proof bra'

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