Monday, September 01, 2008

Hurricane Gustav: Fraud Watch

Yesterday we reported on 54 newly registered Gustav domains. In the past we have seen disaster-related domains tied to fake charities and other forms of fraud. The concern is whether some of these new domains will also be used for fraud.

Yesterday evening, we rechecked the domains from the morning report, and found that several had been "picked up" by legitimate charities in two groups:

(1) now forwards to:
(Baton Rouge Area Foundation)

Which has a "Click Here to Donate to the Hurricane Gustav Relief and
Recovery Fund" button, which takes you to:

(Kintera is a known fund-raising site)

(2) (Same as (1))
(3) (Same as (1))
(4) (same as (1))
(6) (same as (1))
(9) (same as (1))
(13) (same as (1))
(14) (same as (1))
(16) (same as (1))

(20) = Samaritan's Purse Give Links go to
"", a known charity.

(21) (same as (20))
(22) (Same as (20))
(23) (same as (20))

More domains

More than 140 more new Gustav domains have been added since yesterday, with more than 200 total Gustav domains to be watching. The new group is listed here (we'll sort and update content soon, watch for an update):

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