Saturday, January 01, 2011

2010 CyberCrime & Doing Time: Year In Review

As we look back on 2010, I'd like to thank our 132,325 Visitors who read more than 214,000 stories on the blog which is a bit more than a 10% increase over our 2009 readership. I thought it might be interesting to go through the year month by month and review what stories were most interesting to our readers, based on the number of times each article was read.


USAA Bank Latest Avalanche Scam

Iranian Cyber Army returns - target:

China Iran Cyberwar???


Fake Photo version of Zeus

Conficker.B Microsoft Warning Spam


Most Dangerous Cities for Cyber Crime

PKK Hackers Arrested in Turkey


70 Romanian Phishers & Fraudsters Arrested

Fake AV In the News


I actually didn't blog in May between grading finals and getting ready for several firsts at UAB, including our first Computer Foreniscs Camp for high schoolers, and our first National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Cybercrime Investigations.

(Note: We are already taking applications for the UAB Crime REU which has three tracks, Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, and Computer Forensics. If you know an undergrad with a passion for Cybercrime investigation who would like to earn $450 per week, plus room and board, have them follow that link for an application!)

So, instead of giving you a CyberCrime & Doing Time story, let's look at MY favorite Security Blog, Krebs On

My top story in May was probably the Fraud Bazaar Hacked.


Anna Chapman and Mikhail Semenko vs. the FBI

Pro-Gaza Hackers Target Israeli Websites

IRS Malware: "Notice of Underreported Income" spam

Four Russian Spay Couples (& Two Solo Acts)

Russian Spies - Tradecraft and Follow the Money

178 International Credit Card Fraudsters Arrested


PakBugs Hackers Arrested

Stealing $10 Million, 20 cents at a time

The Future of Cyber Attack Attribution

ICE Operation In Our Sites


New Facebook Attack gives a One-Two Punch

Major Fraud Ring Busted in Largest Chinese Cybercrime Operation


17 Zeus Money Mules wanted by New York FBI

"Here You Have" spam spreads email worm

"Here You Have" Hype & Electronic Jihad


FBI's Operation ACHing Mule


Lin Mun Poo: Hacker of the Federal Reserve Bank and . . . ?

USAA Phish: Avalanche Uses many "Redirectors"

Another M00P Group Member Arrested


Oleg Nikolaenko, Mega-D Botmaster, to Stand Trial

Operation: Payback Origins

Internet Anarchy: Anonymous Crowds Flex Their Muscles

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