Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Reality Checking Mister Robot's Ransomware Attack

In tonight's Episode of Mr. Robot, the fsociety hackers deliver a Ransomware attack to the Bank of E.
At PhishMe, our malware analysts have reviewed more than six million malicious Ransomware  emails this year!

Check out my blog over there to see how the hacking in tonight's Mr. Robot compares to reality:

PhishMe: Reality Checking Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot Easter Egg Hunt

For more fun ... try to solve the first of the S2 Easter Eggs. First clue ... Here is Elliot's Notepad page --

I used the Online Graph Paper website to turn that into a more proper 29 x 29 QR Code:

 The rest is up to you!   Post a comment when you successfully log in!  

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