Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Dark and STORMy Night

Just in time for the spookiest night of the year, the Storm botnet recruitment spam switched to a Halloween flavor.

On the evening of October 29th, the Storm worm continued to send spam messages about funny cats or krazy kats, but the websites began to change.

By October 30, many of the spam messages we received had also been modified to match the new theme. Subjects included:

Halloween Fun
To much fun
Watch him dance
You have received an ecard

With bodies such as:

I know you will like this. Heck you might even pass it on. LOL

Just a little Halloween fun.

This thing is to fun. I sent it to everyone. I hope you don.t mind.

Someone has sent you a card to make you laugh. Come see it online!

The volume of Storm recruitment email we are receiving has dramatically reduced this month, though the botnet is still sending quite a bit of Pump and Dump spam. It seems that the Storm Botnet masters still keep track of the holidays. Fourth of July, Labor Day, First Day of NFL Season, and now Halloween.

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