Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Amero to Replace Dollar? Could Storm Worm Be Right?

According to the newest version of the Storm Worm, the Amero is about to replace the dollar:

The U.S. Government began to realize the plan to replace the Dollar with the "Amero", the new currency of the North American Currency Union. Canada, the United States of America and Mexico have resolved to unit in order to resist the Worldwide Financial Crysis. You can become acquainted with the plan of the implementation of Amero, just click on the icon under this text.

Spam received July 21st and July 22nd by the UAB Spam Data Mine used subjects like these to advertise websites hosting the new malware:

Amero - the secret currency
Amero arrives
Amero currency Union is now the reality
Amero is not a myth
AMERO to replace Dollar
Bye bye dollar, hello amero
Collapse of the Dollar
Death of the U.S. Dollar
Dollar is replacing by Amero
Dollar is replacing by new currency
Fall of the Dollar, beginning of AMERO
No dollars anymore
North American Union is the reality now
One Currency for Canada, U.S and Mexico - The Amero
Say Goodbye to the Dollar
The Amero is here
The Dollar disappeared
The new currency is coming
Welcome the Amero
You can forget about Dollars

According to Virus Total only 14 of 33 anti-virus products detected the new malware.

AntiVir, Avast, GData, Kaspersky, and WebWasher called it Zhelatin. (Worm/Zhelatin.zi, Win32: Zhelatin-DIO, Email-Worm.Win32.Zhelatin.afa)

AVG, McAfee, Microsoft, and NOD32 called it Nuwar (I-Worm/Nuwar.V, W32/Nuwar@MM, Backdoor:Win32/Nuwar.gen!D, "a variant of Win32/Nuwar.DF")

BitDefender named it "Trojan.Peed.JPS" while Sophos called it "Mal/Dorf-O" and Symantec called it "Trojan.Peacomm.D"

The file we reviewed was 91137 bytes, with MD5 of 2a9c2cefd361e950fbfe58f0df6981ca.
Our copy was retrieved from, on Buckeye Cablevision.

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