Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Minipost: Fake Photo Zeus

Back on November 24th, we ran a story about a version of Zeus which pretended to be a friend letting you know that Some Jerk Posted Your Photo. The current spam is almost identical to the original, using the same subject lines of:

Subject: fw
Subject: hey
Subject: hi
Subject: re
Subject: some jerk has posted your photos
Subject: your photos

The text of the message is:
Hey, some jerk has posted your pictures (u understand what kind of pictures are there) and sent a link of them to all ur friends. I have already replied back. Said, that he is an idiot. See the link:

Tamara Orozco

This is what the website looks like:

Although downloading the "PhotoArchive.exe" file is dangerous - its a Zeus Botnet that's currently only detected by 7 of 40 AV products according to this VirusTotal Report, just visiting the website is also dangerous, because it has a drive-by infector that loads from / usasp22 / in.php

Here are some of the websites that we've seen used to host the malware so far today in the UAB Spam Data Mine:

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