Monday, November 29, 2010

Minipost: IPR Center celebrates Cyber Monday

The National Intellectual Property Rights Center (IPR Center) announced today that in celebration of Cyber Monday, they have Seized 82 Domains Selling Counterfeit Goods. The Operation, called Operation In Our Sites 2.0, expands the focus of the original op which concentrated on movies only. CyberCrime & Doing Time reported on the first Operation In Our Sites back on July 1st, when a half dozen major movie piracy websites were seized.

As with the original op, visitors to the domains see a warning like this instead:

The full list of Counterfeit Goods websites that were seized is available in this short report from ICE but its clear from the names these were not just movie sites.

In addition to sites selling DVD of movies and boxed sets of television series, there were handbags, watches, golfing gear, sunglasses, college and pro jerseys, ipods, shoes, and brand name clothes from Louis Vuitton, Timberland, and others.

Eighty-two sites is a good start, but you're sure to have seen other websites selling counterfeit goods. How do you report them?

Click the button below:

Or just visit:

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