Thursday, February 18, 2021

The Complete Soldier Romance Scam Support Site

 Yesterday we were reviewing a Work From Home "Mystery Shopper" scam, and ended by pointing out some of the scam shipping companies hosted on the same IP address.  But still on our same IP address, we hit a gold mine!  The complete Romance Scam with an Imaginary Soldier support site!  The webpage is: ... you know? the US Military Department?

This website has EVERYTHING an imaginary soldier might need in order to extract funds from his Romance Scam victim!

Let's start with the basics.  Do you love your soldier? At great risk to themselves, you can have a care package deployed, even into a combat zone!  If you REALLY love your soldier, you'll choose the $1700 Premium Care Package. (but if you're cheap, the $800 Mini Care package and the $1200 Airbourne Care Package are also available.)  What? He didn't get it? Do you have a Tracking Number? It's probably been held up in customs ...

Next, you'll want to chat with your soldier, right?  Because he is deployed on a Top Secret Mission, that's only possible if you purchase a Communication Permit.  You can buy Communication Permit cards ranging from the "Military Small Card" for $680 all the way up to the "Military Large Global Card" for $1150!

Of course, what you REALLY want is to have your soldier boyfriend or girlfriend come home and visit you, right?  Fortunately, there are several leave options available, including 3-week, 4-week, 2-month, and 6-month (Honeymoon Leave) durations.  "The above leave Duration are made available for you to choose and after you choose we would tell you the fee involved. ... The reasons of payment for emergency leave Application is to assist the USA military authority in replacement expenses and supporting of troops coming to take over duties for anyone going on emergency leave ... ensuring that our troops are protected and allowed to judiciously make use of their times for reasons they have applied and paid for."

Under the old military system, if a soldier refused to take a deployment to an area where they may be killed, they were just kicked out.  Good News!  "This policy has been mauled and we've been directed by the Department of Defense to bring forth the Deployment Declination option. ... Unfortunately, a deployed soldier is ineligible to apply ... Only a loved one, family, child, fiance, sibling, or close friend is eligible to apply." 

But wait, you thought that would be free?  "after the DOD spending weeks, even months, preparing for the mission, putting everything in place, setting all up having you in mind, the wasted resources and finances already made, because of this a fee is attached for the declination form to be processed and accepted." Just email to get the process started.

The real goal of having an Imaginary Soldier Boyfriend or Girlfriend is marriage though, right?  Good News!  That is TOTALLY OK with the US Military Department of Scammers!

Although, "There are also rules on who can receive a military ID card and military benefits. To receive a military ID card and benefits, including health care, a military spouse must be legally married to the service member. The military does not recognize common law marriage or engagements.  Registering a spouse for benefits has its fee."  Just click "Contact Us" and the scammers will gladly walk you through the process of getting a MILITARY Marriage License, based entirely on how much money they think you might have, of course.

Although it should not be necessary, if you really need your Imaginary Soldier to resign from the military, that is possible as well.  Doing so, however, "attracts a one time fee, which will be needed to process the request."  As with declination of deployment, "only a loved one ... is eligible to apply."

While this is the first time that *I* saw a site like this, as usual, FireFly and the experts at had already seen the pattern.  A great post there which talks about a previous or similar version of this site from August 2020 is here on her forum ==> Article: US Military Welfare -

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